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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Different Name for Vows?

Hey everyone,

My FI and I are each writing something that we will read aloud to each other at our wedding, but they are not vows. We will be reading them before we do the traditional wedding vows ("Do you take this man to be your husband..."). We're trying to figure out what we should call them in the program. Since we're not writing vows ("I promise this..", etc.), we don't want to call them vows. I thought about "Declaration of Love" but thought that sounded to uptight. Any ideas?

Re: Different Name for Vows?

  • KatieinBklnKatieinBkln (NO SLEEP TIL) Brooklyn!
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    I guess I'd just go the cheap and easy route and skip the programs.

    For real though, wedding ceremonies aren't super complicated for the most part. And you'll save $$ printing them out. Win-win.
    This baby knows exactly how I feel
  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots
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    I agree. I've actually never been to a wedding with programs and everytime I see them on here I just think they are super pointless.

    But anyways, maybe something like "Personalized Letters" or "Love Notes"



  • I would save the $$ and skip the programs. Every wedding I have been to that had them, the programs just got thrown away or left on the floor / seats for you to clean up later.
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