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Bride with a dad and step-dad


I need your opinion on something regarding the father/daughter dance. I come from a set of divorced parents, both have remarried since. So I like some brides out there have a real dad and then my step-dad. I am having both walk me down the aisle because I feel they both deserve to do so as they have both been a part of my life for a long time obviously. My dilemma I am having is the dance factor, do I split the song I have chosen for that or should they each have their own individual song? THe issue I have with that is I played the song to my step dad that I want to dance to with him and my dad on but I feel like I had to chose another song it wouldnt be as meaningful for my real dad.

Please help a bride in need of some guidance.

Re: Bride with a dad and step-dad

  • The more people who love you, the better.  And as a plus, it seems like they get along (at least a little bit?)  That's good.

    1)  Whatever you choose to do will be fine!  So don't fret.

    2)  You can share a song, and it's the moment that will be special.

    3)  They can each have their own song (I suggest your DJ fade out at 2.5 to 3 minutes each - that's plenty of time!)

    4)  Do each of them have wives?  Like your mom, for instance? :-)    THIS scenario assumes equal numbers of moms and dads   ha ha
    Song 1 - you and step dad, new hubby and your mom
    Song 2 - you and dad-dad, hubby with that wife
    Song 3 - you with father-in-law, hubby with his mom

    Or any other ideas you have.  

    Good luck! 
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