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Photography at Sandals Grande Riviera

Hi everyone - My first post. I apologize if I seem to ignored any posting rules or an existing thread on this topic - I did a search and wasn't able to find one relating to this and I am really in need of some help!

My fiance and I are getting married at the Sandals Grande Riviera in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in March 2015 and I am extremely confused about the wedding photography packages. Does anyone have any experience with wedding photography at this resort or any Sandals resort in general? I'm mostly worried that the packages are a's $1,200 just for like 36 prints and digital shots or something. I really don't care about having them print ANY of the shots, I just want it all digital, and I want more than 36 photos for that price!

Other sites I've seen seem to make it sound like even if you don't pre-purchase photo package, a photographer will still be present to capture all your shots and then they have a photo place similar to what is available like on cruise ships where you can go check out all of your picutres after they are taken, determine which ones you actually want, and purchase a la carte, and they actually turn out to be cheaper. We desperately want lots of good photos from our big day and I am so lost. Help!! Anyone?!

Re: Photography at Sandals Grande Riviera

  • I am also getting married at Sandals Grande Riviera on May 15 2015. I find the trip fairly affordable except for photography. Did they send you the planning guide with all the photography and video-graphy pricing? We have ended up deciding to get the Tropical Passion package for $1800 to get 36 5x7's, six 8x10's, a photo album, and all purchased images on CD as well as a deluxe edit video-graphy package. I think this is the best pricing by far considering a basic DVD costs $500 so by getting the deluxe version, I am getting their $900 DVD in the package.

    Honestly I would like more than a total of 42 wedding photos, so I have a feeling if there are a few left that we must have that we will end up ordering them. We are going just the two of us, so we want the video so that any friends and family who would like to see it will be able too.
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  • They did send us the package, I believe we went with what is called the Sweetheart package? It is $1200 but now I'm going to go back and look at the photo/video options and take another look at the package you mention because I really want video and that is a good deal for the extra photos and video!

    We have about 15 friends and family members going with us but are having a reception back home a month after we return and it'd be really nice to have a video to show!!
  • You will likely have a few friends and family members taking pictures of your wedding as well. So that will help with having a few extra pictures as well. You can also have them take any before and getting ready pictures, they do not all have to be professional. Its just nice to have the memories. If you have a chance, let me know how the wedding goes as you will be married two months before I will!
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  • I will say that I think it is disappointing that in order to get images on CD it cost $650 for only 36 images. So for 72 CD images it would be $1300. They really need a better way of pricing photography. I feel I might as well see how my photos turn out and choose the ones we want the most. If there is anything we must have I guess we will just buy it in a print form and scan it once we get home.
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  • Will do! Do you know at all how the photography works there as far as selecting which images you purchase? Like do they take hundreds and you then choose which 36 were your favorite or what? I really have no idea! And I'd love the video but not paying $500 for it! Hopefully someone in attendance can record it for us but I almost feel bad asking someone to do it.
  • I am not sure exactly how many they take, but from what I hear they do take a lot of extras. You would then choose what you want out of that. I know when you get there they give you an itinerary with your meeting times, and the cake tasteing. I wonder if they give you a time to pick out your photography choices the day after the wedding.  I think that you have the photographer for a total of four hours. I would be happy with a small iPhone video if we had people in attendance with us.
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  • Have you had your wedding phone call with the coordinator yet? She can also answer some questions. I know I have e-mailed her from time to time.
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