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Small wedding..should I have a registry?

Hello everyone,

Having a very small wedding our ceremony will be at a church and we are having a dinner reception at a local restaurant with a total of about 15 people or so. I'm not sure if I should even do a registry. Has anyone heard of this? Also if you do have a registry is it tacky to add a registry card just so people know you are registered?  I'm leaning towards not having a registry just because its so small but I also want to give people the option to get us something we need if they want to get us a gift.  Getting married in two months. :)

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Re: Small wedding..should I have a registry?

  • We had 35 guests at our wedding. I hadn't planned on registering, but then everyone kept asking where we were registered. When I said we weren't they started asking what we wanted then. The registry just seemed easier. My MOH included registry cards in my shower invites. Registry information shouldn't be anywhere on your wedding invitation though.
  • Thank you for your response. Well not having a shower...long maybe shouldn't register.

  • If you have items you'd like for your home, there's absolutely no harm in registering. Just register, don't advertise it anywhere, and you're fine. 

    Do not include the registry card anywhere in your invitations; that's a faux pas and makes you seem gift-grabby. 

    People will either ask you or someone close to you where you are registered, or they're like me and google you up to see if you've registered when I get your invitation. 
  • I would probably still do a small one with upgrade items like new towels, sheets, etc. Don't advertise it, but I don't think it hurts to have one even for a small wedding as long as it isn't huge or comprised of only really expensive items. Plus you can use the registry completion discount after. Like PPs said, don't include the registry card in your invites. People who want to get you something will either google or ask you where you're registered.
  • It's fine to register if you want, but not necessary.  If people start asking, I might consider creating a small one.  Otherwise, I wouldn't with 15 guests.

    Either way, you never include anything about registries in your invitation.  That's really rude.  
  •    We are only having 20 of us at our wedding and I'm not having a shower. We are still registered at Macy's to get the registry star rewards and the completion discount on the few things we still could use (sheet and towel upgrades). We don't actually expect to get any gifts because it's a destination wedding and everyone is already spending money just to be there. 
  • A registry is a good idea regardless of how many people you're having if you want/need specific things.  That way, people don't have to guess or ask. 
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