Silk? Real Touch? Help!

I'm planning an October wedding and I'm 98% sure I'm going the silk flower route. I'm doing this for two reasons, I don't think I'll have many real flower options that time of year, and I can't justify spending so much money on something that's just going to die. The issue is I have absolutely no idea where to start with flowers. I know what a rose is and I know what grass is.. That about sums up my botanical knowledge. My fiance's grandmother is going to help me arrange my bouquets, but she's left it up to me to purchase the actual flowers. Can I just pick a bunch of flowers I like within my color scheme and just try to put them together? Also, are the Real Touch flowers worth it? Are they really that much different from just regular silk?

Re: Silk? Real Touch? Help!

  • I would start by doing a google search of various bouquets in the color scheme you are looking for to get some inspiration.  Sometimes they will even tell you what types of flowers are in each bouquet.

    As far as silk vs real touch .... I think it depends where you buy them and how the quality is ... Both will photograph very nicely, but the real touch will look nicer up close I'm sure ... sometimes I've noticed the real touch feel "rubbery" but I could have been looking at cheap ones.

    Sorry I can't be of much more help.
  • I just purchased a bunch of real-touch roses and orchids and I have to say, they look really real. So do the many other species I looked at in the store but didn't purchase because they weren't what I needed. 

    We have tons of roses growing around our house and I took one outside to compare and seriously, they're spot on. As far as the feeling part goes, no, they don't feel 100% the same, but who goes around feeling up the bride's bouquet? And they definitely feel WAY closer to real than silks do. 

    I don't care for silk at all. They can have little threads hanging off them that when they catch the light just right are a dead giveaway they're silk. Plus if any dust settles on them they just look dirty to me.

    The real touch are more expensive than silk but they're completely worth it if you're committed to having synthetic over fresh flowers. 
  • i used silks , but i agree you have to find the higher end ones, and they are not really much cheaper than real.. i didnt care for the real touch ones but it may have been the supplier i ordered them from... 
  • I just got my silk bouquet in the mail today (I still have tons of time until the wedding, but I wanted to leave time to find a Plan B if I didn't like it).  I ordered from Would real flowers look a little nicer? Most likely. But the flowers look good, I didn't notice any hanging threads or anything, and the stems have a nice rubbery look that make them look a little more real. This bouquet cost $20 and is all hydrangeas, whereas the florist told us (and I'm talking, local grocery store florist, nothing fancy) that real hydrangeas would run us $9 a stem.  Silk is going to be kind of a gamble, especially if you order online, but for me the price was unbeatable -- plus, I really like the idea of keeping my bouquet as a memento; my mother keeps hers in her curio cabinet with her unity candle and a framed invitation. That's just me though. 

    But another idea is to do really inexpensive flowers. We are doing all baby's breath for the bridesmaid bouquets -- looks pretty, nicely compliments the lace in my gown, and won't run a fortune or wilt as easily as other flowers. We haven't heard back a final quote yet, but I suppose you could go even cheaper by buying baby's breath yourself to make the bouquets. The florist told us that baby's breath is a flower you can generally spray with floral spray (apparently available at Michaels, AC Mooore, etc.) without it looking too weird if you wanted other colors. 
  • Forgot to attach my picture: 
  • This is your wedding. You can do this however you like. That's the fun of it! Make this about you and your loved one.

    Now in terms of flowers, since they sound like they are important to you and the wedding, try going online for help or calling some flower providers. They seem to know what they are doing. Here are some links that may help. Sorry I have only had experience with the top 2 links. But they were good experiences!

  • I did a combination of real and silk flowers. It not only saved money but I could get the exact shade I wanted (the purple color was tough to match)! I even used the silk flowers as decorations on my cake. Hydrangeas look great in a good quality silk. I got mine at Hobby Lobby but I always waited when they were 50% off which happens often. Some craft stores silk flowers look too fake so look around and there are some great places on the internet if you are comfortable ordering them all online.
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