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Too big for insanity?

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According to the BMI calculator, I'm in the "Obesity Class 2" range (woah, didn't really think I was that bad), and I wanted to know if this was too big to try the insanity workouts? I wouldn't have to pay for them because my gym actually allows us to use their set, so money isn't an issue. I just have a tendency to get very discouraged if I can't do something. I don't want to start these workouts and immediately fail because I couldn't keep up. I'm not sure if it helps put it into perspective but I'm 5'0 and 200lbs. I've never been overweight until about a year ago when I gained a lot very quickly after I stopped competitively ridding horses (this kept me in very great shape). My ideal and healthy weight is about 125. So ideally I would like to lose 65-75lbs total. Also adding some photos just for accountability. The first photo was me about a year ago when I was active and about 125lbs, and the second picture was taken yesterday. Almost like a motivational backwards before & after haha! So do you think I could do insanity being this far from my normal body?


Re: Too big for insanity?

  • I think it is more about your endurance level than your size. When I bought the dvds two years ago I did about 3 days and got discouraged. I keep swearing I am going to try again someday lol. But if they are free I don't really see the hurt in you trying? Good luck on your journey to a healthier you!
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  • Listen, definitely ask your doctor, but I tend to lean toward saying that if you were athletic and active as little as a year ago, you will probably be okay. In ANY intense workout, it's important to listen to your body as you go and take a short break if you ever feel lightheaded or weak. That applies whether you're 400 pounds or 110, frankly. If you get an instructor who pushes you past the point of feeling, ya know, conscious, then that is a bad instructor. (Just throwing it out there as a general thing to know--for all I know your gym is totally legit, but there have been horror stories of bad coaches coercing people into "pushing themselves" to the point of injury, so just be aware!).
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    I'm not a doctor, but here's my advice:

    Start with something with a little less impact. I love Jillian Michaels workouts, especially the 30 Day Shred. See how you feel with that first, and if you're ready for more, try out Insanity. 
  • I'm a Beachbody Coach and haven't ever heard of someone being too big to try Insanity.  It all depends on the individual and what they can handle based on their joints, past cardio,etc. 

    Like the pp said, try it and listen to your body.  If you're just tired, keep pushing and trying it.  If something hurts, maybe try a different workout first and work up to insanity. 

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    I do Insanity classes at a fitness studio and there are folks next to me who are much heavier! You could try something with a bit less impact, but my instructors always show that you can also modify just about every Insanity move with a low impact option. Instead of jumping way up into the air after every squat, just focus on crouching lower and getting really good squat form. If you just can do another jumping jack, just keep moving by marching or jogging in place until you can get back at it. I don't know if the DVDs give you low impact moves, but when there's something that seems beyond your current limit, just do something else that allows you to move until you can jump back in fully. 

    IMO, unless you have an injury or condition which physically prevents you from a certain type of movement, you can pretty much do any type of workout as long as you work within what's right for you. And especially don't beat yourself up or feel defeated if you can't complete something full-impact the first couple times around. Good luck :)
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