Programs and escort cards

Hi Ladies,


Where did you find inexpensive escort cards and programs? I am looking for a place somewhere between Hartford and Springfield that can print a program template... And I am looking for where I can get escort cards and either have them printed or for a calligrapher.


Oh, and we need somewhere that can do it quickly, we need to have it all done by 7/22 so we can bring it to the venue on 7/23.


Our printer is on it's way out and doesn't really print anymore...


Thanks again!


Any info you can provide will be helpful!

Re: Programs and escort cards

  • Vistaprint, david's bridal, minted, wedding paper divas

    I don't know of small printing shops in CT, but I kind of doubt they would be less expensive than the above? 

    And I would also consider buying a new printer, and just using that. 
  • Thanks for the info @lilacck28! We are actually using the full-color rack cards from Vistaprint for our programs and decided to do a framed list instead of escort cards.
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