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Article on Hakkasan at MGM Grand- awful!

Hey all!

I was reading news today and came across this article on Hakkasan at MGM Grand... Yikes! Thought the Vegas group might like to see it:

Definitely gave me the Ewwwww feeling!


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Re: Article on Hakkasan at MGM Grand- awful!

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    What in the ever loving f**k!! Terrible but sadly I believe it! This is rampant in Miami too...friend works at a club and wanted me to send pics before getting them on the list. But outright saying no whales or hippos is inflammatory and ridiculous! Just say no and leave it at that.
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    Right?! I'm not well-versed in the club world, but this seemed way over the top to me. Crazy!
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    I love coming to Vegas but I've never been in any clubs sounds horrific.
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    missholly18missholly18 member
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    I saw that too and immediately forward to my gfs... not visiting that club for sure!
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    a13049a13049 member
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    I can't say it am suprises. We had to go through this kind of deal for our group. They use the deals/comps to make the club build the impression that it's the hotspot on the strip. That can't do that with a bunch of Middle Ages women and larger girls. Unfortunely it's the cruelty of the business. It sucks because those "whales" and "hippos". Could be the life of the party. It's not like they won't let you in when you get there, they just won't offer you any discounts of freebies.
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    Wow! This is appalling! 
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    Ah yes, club promoters, one step up from bathroom attendant.  All powerful on Friday and Saturday night for four or five hours, irrelevant the rest of the time.

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