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inexpensive wedding

Son looking to get married 2015 (Spring/Summer). Brides family not in Minnesota and not sure they will be contributing anything to the wedding or even if they will attend. So my Husband and I are trying to find a reception hall that is cheap, bring in our own food. Our budget is under $3000.00 Our church chapel is even way to big for 60 - 70 guest. The chapel seats 350 people. The smaller chapel seats 35 people. Our son has his heart set on Church wedding. We are walking a fine line of not upsetting the couple and not paying for a huge wedding by ourselves.

Re: inexpensive wedding

  • Bringing your own food won't save you a penny - by the time you factor ingredient costs, serve-ware costs, plates/tools/etc. and the value of your time, but more importantly, the reality that food safety is the real thing you need to focus your attention on, it's just not worth it and the only reception halls you'll find that allow you to do so are hooked in to churches... Also, most restaurants do have a catering option available so you could do KFC for around $5-9/pp and have all the fixings, but you've got to also consider who is near your reception venue (Famous Dave's, Divine Swine, Pizza Hut, Green Mill, Grocery store deli, etc.).. Again, most caterers offer a budget friendly option, but you've got to ask!! I would suggest not worrying about the size of the church and instead is the church one that he and his bride will make a place to nurture their faith. Whether the church is huge for a tiny group or tiny with a large group, the important thing is inviting God into their marriage! SO - what can you do with $3000 and 70 guests - A LOT! But the bride and groom need to make some decisions too. What are their priorities, and what are they paying for themselves. What about the church hall/gathering space? I know a lot of brides/grooms that have their receptions in these types of spaces now more than ever when it used to be common-place. KC/VFW/Lion's Club/etc. halls are all options. Some are incredibly affordable. Flowers - you don't need 40 coursages/bouts, a simple bridal bouquet, a groom's bout, and some church flowers that double as reception decorations and you're golden. Otherwise plants from the garden center make lovely centerpieces without a huge expense. The cake - most bakers have a budget friendly option, the more flexibility you have the better "deal" you'll get, but realize that's still going to run you around $3-4/pp. If you want super cheap, Wal-Mart & Sam's Club have wedding cake options that surprisingly are really pretty for a basic cake..
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  • thanks for the advice, lots of good information.
  • So the previous poster nailed it!

    Couple other suggestions:
    park buildings can be budget friendly for reception area

    Get some meat and cheese trays from costco, Sams, or another grocery store and do sandwiches and some kind of salad- store safely!

    Appetizer or cake and punch reception

    It doesn't have to be some big shin dig, the only you things you must have for the wedding are your son, the bride, someone to marry them, and a witness for the marriage certificate!
  • I know this is a little late, but I hope this helps you. I just had a  wedding reception October 11, 2014 at Shamrock Hall at St. Patrick's Church in Inver Grove Heights. They let me bring in food and booze. It was the best, economical choice for my husband's large minnesotan wedding. You don't have to be catholic to have a reception here. 

    Another option is to rent a house. This was a GREAT option for us. My family and friends were all from out of town - most of us stayed in this gorgeous - GORGEOUS - fully renovated mansion. There is a dry sauna and heated floors in the bathroom!!! We wish we could have used this space for our reception, but we had 125 guest. It only holds 75. Look into renting DEARING MANSION - http://dearingmansion.com[email protected]

    There is a full kitchen that you or a family member can cook in. There is a BBQ out back as well. I can not over state how beautiful this house is. We also took our photos here. What a magical place! Talk to Scott Kramer - the owner - he is very nice and will help you out with what you need. $600 for a full house rental overnight - there is a fee for having a reception. Talk to him about what the price would be. 

    CAKE - Sam's Club makes a three tier cake for $75 - and it is DELICIOUS. I think it serves 50 people, a Full sheet cake is about $35. They also do 1/2 sheet cakes. WORTH IT. 
    FLOWERS - Market Flowers on Lyndale in Minneapolis - you can buy and arrange your own flowers there - very economical. 
    NAILS - found a Groupon for Lydia Nails in Eagan, MN - very nice people!
    PHOTOGRAPHER and VIDEOGRAPHER- We posted on Craigslist what our needs and our budget were - we found a fantastic photog - Jason Albus - But there were many many other photographers, who were fantastic and willing to work with a budget.

    God Bless!!! A wedding is a momentous beautiful occasion. 
  • Yes, I am familiar with Shamrock Hall too.  It's a beautiful location and they include so many free things in the $1400 rental price. 


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