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Does anyone have any recommendations for handkerchiefs and parasols? Thanks! :)

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  • I made my own for both.  Any mardi gras store around here sells umbrellas cheap.  I bought them and hot glued boas around the edge.  Then I used a paint pen to write Mr. Surname on his and Mrs. Surname on mine.  $10 total.  For the handkerchiefs, I bought several packages of plain white hankies from walmart 13 for $5.  Then I went to the website foryourparty.com and made personalized tags for them and tied the tags to each one.  They turned out great.  They were more original than what you can get preprinted, cheaper and I could write anything I wanted.  
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    Those are great! I wish I had your creativity!
  • We got second line hankies with names at Szabo's in Gretna
  • Great idea, scowie15!!! 

    I purchased my handkerchiefs off of Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/shop/roxygs  After researching local shops in New Orleans, and online, her Etsy shop offered the most unique designs. You can even order samples for $1 each. She does make hers in a different fabric - polyester, as opposed to your traditional Nola second line handkerchiefs and hers also come cut a little smaller (9x9). But, we loved her designs so much that we just requested to have them cut a little bigger (12x12) and I actually preferred the polyester fabric. Bottom line, she is affordable, and will work with you on an custom order - whether it is size, fabric type, color, design, etc.

    I almost was going to make my own second line umbrella, but I am leaning towards going with the parasols, so will probably also use Etsy to purchase a custom designed one.
  • I'm going to check out the hankerchiefs on Etsy.  Thanks Tigerlilly1211.  I got my ladies parasols off of www.lunabazaar.com.  Great price and quality.  I got mine on Amazon at...

    Couldn't be happier.  It's $20 and sooooooo pretty and lacey.  :)

  • I got our parasols on Etsy (New Orleans Umbrella Co) and loved them.  Lots of styles and not too expensive.

  • Thank you! We ended up ordering through New Orleans umbrella company and what is more convenient, they work with a shop on Chartres we can pick them up at when we arrive....no shipping! :)
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