Special Music Help!!

Ladies, I am looking for a bagpiper!!!

My dad had some connections when he played but it's been about 7 years now so he doesn't really have anybody to ask anymore.  My dad would like to play himself however, he cannot play and walk me down the aisle at the same time.  Any help, tips or advice would be great!  We are getting married at the Monona Terrace so near or close by to Madison would be the best.  I'm working on a budget but so far nothing has been within budget either so I'm not really concerned with cost. 

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    This may sound odd, but call O'Marro's Public House in Oshkosh. They are an Irish bar by my house. Last year I had a surprise 30th birthday party for my fiance and it happend to be on the same night that the bar hosted a St. Patty's Day party. They had a bagpipe player and he came into the room where my fiance's party was and played Happy Birthday. He was amazing! I bet Shaun or Brandy (the owners) could tell you who he was.
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    Contact Rockne Elgin - he plays the bagpipes and is a really nice guy. If he can't do it, he'd know others who could. His email address is: rockelgin@gmail.com
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