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Completing china set

The wedding is over.  We got 4/12 place servings from our china set, and a few other pieces.  We would like to complete the set very much - any ideas for the best (and cheapest) way to go about this?  I know that, before the wedding, Macy's was holding a buy 2 get 2 free sale on our place settings (if only I had known how many we would get!).  I think it was part of their friends and family sale, which I'm hoping will come around again in the next 6 months.  Macy's has had a few sales since our wedding, but none of them have been applicable to our specific china set.  Any other ideas?  The set is a Kate Spade set that I know is available at both BBB and Macy's but it is, unfortunately, far too expensive to just go out and finish purchasing ourselves without a good sale.

Re: Completing china set

  • Macy's does the friends and family twice a year (sometimes more).

    Keep in mind Macy's has a 15% registry completion discount as well, so if your china does go on sale (i.e. B1G1) a good sale with that discount may be better than the F&F on its own.

    How long ago was your wedding?  We got a handful of gifts shipped to us about a month after, and I wouldn't be surprised if my mom or ILs use it as a Christmas list this year.
  • I registered for a Kate Spade pattern and completed a couple sets during the friends and family sale in combination with our registry completion discount. It was the best deal at the time. If the set doesn't go on a good enough sale at Macy's, you can often find Kate Spade china on ebay in New condition. I've seen some Kate Spade products at Homegoods too. If you have a Lenox Outlet by you, I would also check that frequently. We registered for Belle Boulevard and have frequently seen it at the Lenox Outlet with prices as low as $75 for the coffee pot.
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    Does carry your set? I purchased a china set from an antiques store and I've been able to find multiple parts on that website that were missing.

  • Thanks for the tips. Macy's just emailed that we can use 20% off registry completion with the upcoming sale starting in a few days, but it doesn't look like the china is going on sale so we probably still couldn't afford all of our place settings with that. I will keep my eyes peeled for a Lenox outlet; there isn't one near us but maybe we'll come by one if we end up traveling this summer. Our wedding was at the end of June so here's to hoping we can still use the completion discount with any Christmas time sales. I will definitely let folks know that we're (or at least I'm) still hoping to get some of the things off the registry if my family is looking for ideas around the holidays.
  • Anniversaries are a good time for this.  My own Wedgwood china is still being made, and I occasionally have to replace a broken piece.  Don't forget to check eBay.
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