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Bar tab, no group booking

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had any experiences of setting up a tab in a bar to pay for guest's drinks, but without doing a group booking.

We want to do a casual meet and greet at Chandelier Bar the night before the wedding, but were quoted $45 per head plus tax and service. With the amount of people we may have - anything up to 45 really -  it's pushing $3k which is too much.

We still want to pay for some drinks, so were thinking of just telling people we will be there from say 8pm-11pm and to meet us if they want - either the whole time or on the way to/from dinner or a show if they would prefer. We would have a card behind the bar and then stop it at around $1/$1.5 k

Would it be easy for a few of us to just go a bit earlier and set up a tab, then as people join us, they can just order against the tab? It will be on a Tuesday night, so will hopefully be quieter in the bar.

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    Well unless that per person group booking is in your budget, I think setting up a tab and just using word of mouth to let people know they can stop by for a drink is a good idea. And when your tab is getting close to your "max", that could be the time you and your FI wrap it up and head in for the night.
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    I was thinking of doing something similar to this! I was thinking of creating some type of 'menu' for our guests' cocktails because I've visited Chandelier Bar (or any bar in the vicinity of Cosmo) and the drinks were pricey. If a guest got a signature drink, shot, or asked for a double, the cost of that drink alone would be near $15+.Getting up to $45 a head might happen pretty quick. Would taxes and gratuity be included in your tab? The true tab would then be around $700-$800 if you want to cap off around 1k. There are several levels to Chandelier Bar too so it might be important for all guests to order from the same level- I think with a little structure on the exact location and what's beverages are included in your tab (and what extras guests can pay for on their own), I think its a great idea!! 
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