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What are your favorite workout videos? DVD or YouTube

Looking for exercise options to do at home. My FI has T25 & P90x so nothing like those. I guess I'm looking for videos such as 30-day shred or 8-minute abs. Shorter workouts I can put together on my own according to my free time. Thanks for your suggestions. 

Re: What are your favorite workout videos? DVD or YouTube

  • I like blogilates (click) because they tend to be quick and there are a ton of them.  If you have hulu (Click) you can find some one there too that tend to be short (just search workout, a ton are available with the free membership) 

    If you aren't dead set on a video, I find fit deck (click) to be really fun.  Its a deck of cards and you can just select a bunch and then go through the exercises it says to do.  Then shuffle them up and next time you select a bunch you will get a completely different workout.
  • You could do PiYo or turbofire. They are from the same company as P90X but they are VERY different. I am in a PiYo challenge group on facebook right now and I am loving it! If you wanted to join let me know I can help you get into it.

    I also have a subscription to fitfustion tv it is 5.99/month and it has all of Jillians DVD's on it! My fiance does them too :)
  • JasperandOpalmckayla92688 for your suggestions. These sound like fun! :)
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