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Quoted high at Fox Hollow?

Hi Knotties,

I just wanted to check to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off. I was quoted at 140 p/p for a Nov Saturday night at FH. Does that sound about right to people? This was for the Winter Garden room with no ceremony.


Re: Quoted high at Fox Hollow?

  • Hey Kaseylyn16!

    Who was the banquet manager that you spoke with? 140pp on a saturday night in november sounds about right. I was told that their high peak season is from sept-december because its the holidays and it is on a saturday. I am having my wedding in the summer 2016 at FH also!
  • Rizzoroxx27,

    We dealt with Bruce. Thanks for the reassurance, makes me feel much better!

    Would you like to be part of a Facebook group I started for us Foxy Ladies? If so, shoot me your email address and I'll add you to the fun!

  • I dealt with Bruce too. He was a nice guy and the grounds were gorgeous, but it would cost way too much money to have my wedding there. I think he quoted us $120 per person for a June 2015 wedding and we had to guarantee a certain amount of people. 
  • I was quote a high of 150 in May 2015 so 140 in November would be reasonable.  Fox Hollow is the most reasonably priced place I've seen and its gorgeous. 
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