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most memorable wedding you've been to?

My favorite wedding was when my grandma re-married and someone had made them a slideshow of how their lives were brought together twice (they were childhood sweethearts and met again after their spouses passed away) and it was really sweet.

The most memorable was when someone cut into the top part of a cousin's wedding cake bc they wanted an extra slice and WW3 broke out between the cousin's wife and the culprit. She threw a stack of napkins in his face and screamed like a 2 year old as people tried to tell her that the guy didn't know the sacred symbolism of the top layer and that there were still like 8 other slices left to freeze and it was just cake.

Re: most memorable wedding you've been to?

  • I haven't been to any really horrible weddings.  Probably the best one was my high school BFF.  It was a multi-day Indian shindig, I went home with henna, the food was delicious, and my friend was an insanely beautiful bride.  I didn't even miss the alcohol and dancing because it was so much fun.

    FBILs' wedding over the Independence Day weekend this year was really fun too, not because it was the greatest ever wedding, but because I knew pretty much everybody there, we danced the night away, and Fi tore up the dance floor with his godson on his shoulders for half the night.  
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  • My uncles' wedding was amazing. Not only because they know how to throw a DAMN good party, but they had been together for over twenty five years at that point and were FINALLY able to be legally married. It was incredibly beautiful and emotional.

  • I remember my cousin's wedding. It was at the Seattle Tennis Club  and the ceremony was facing out towards the water and they did a sand ceremony, but it was with sand from Green Lake and sand from a lake in his home town in CA and it was very beautiful. 
  • I've only been to two weddings. But I loved my aunt's wedding. They had it at a beautiful ski lodge and it was covered in snow. She wore an amazing dress and looked so happy. I enjoyed haning out with my family too.
  • I haven't been to many weddings, but I was a BM in my cousin's wedding when I was about 16 years old. It's crazy how well I remember the ceremony. All I really remember about the reception though is that my younger brother (he must have been about 10 or 12 at the time) was running around downing "lemonade" which we found out later was margaritas! Needless to say, he had a blast and we still talk about it to this day.

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  • My dad's wedding was pretty badass. He told the bartender to pour extra strong for anyone with a corsage/boutonnière (all us kids). He had karaoke, and all the new step siblings sang "Celebrate" and "We are Family." We played beer pong (family wedding tradition). After the reception was over we all broke into the Holiday Inn outdoor pool and swam in tank tops and shorts.

  • Oh, so many weddings to remember! 

    And weirdly the most memorable was the very first wedding ever, when I was...maybe four? It was a winter wedding, early 60s, and the bridesmaids wore wine red velvet, and giant beehive up dos, which I thought was the most glamorous thing in the world. I got to wear my Christmas dress, black velvet with a white collar and white puffy sleeves, and pink satin sash. And the reception was in one of those very old school hotel ballrooms, lots of mahogany and marble. Champagne fountain. Ooooh. Giant cake. Little boxes of grooms cake to take home and put under your pillow. I was completely enchanted. 

    I also had serious ass flower girl envy. I envied her soooooo much, and maybe it was on my face, because the bride asked if I would please carry her bouquet for her until she threw it, and broke off a red rose and pinned it in my hair with a bobby pin from her own glorious golden ringleted towering beehive do, and told me I looked just like a bridesmaid. (I probably looked more like Ramona The Pest, but I bought it.) Her name was Yolanda. I loved her. I felt like the most beautiful goddess in the universe had graced me. I was euphoric. 

    (I really truly would have made a much better flower girl than Erica.) But we played bride up and down the grand staircase with Yolanda's bouquet. I shared. 

    Everything was beautiful. I was deeply impressed.

    (Or maybe the most memorable wedding was cousin Barbara and the attack of the outraged peacocks. That one rocked, but in a different way.)
  • I've been to so many weddings both personally and professionally. My family wedding were all a ton of fun.   My family are big partiers.   The receptions were always full of food, beverages and lots and lots of dancing.  I have fond memories of all my family weddings even if I can't remember something specific. 

        Here are some I remember right now.

    Dad ordering 150 shots to be brought out on silver trays at my sister's wedding.   My sister's reception was from 12-5.  Parents had an after party at their house.   150+ of the 287 guests came to the house.  Last driving people left at 3am.    There were about 10 people who stayed all night.

    My brother's MIL ordering me to setup the reception during the 3 hour gap at said brother's wedding.   In a green velvet  BM dress, in AZ in April.

    Major rain storms hits while we are taking a couple to another island  on a sailboat for their reception.   Weather so bad the bride looked like she stood in front of a fire hydrate.   Cancel the trip and the wedding party and us go to a local bar and party it up.  We took them the next day.     By far the coolest most laid-back couple I have met.   No tears were shed.

    Bride who shows up at her SUNSET sail wedding on the boat 45 minutes late.  Then she throws a FIT and cries because the sunset had sat before we leave.   We told her MANY times the sun sets early and there was little to no dusk there.  She kept saying we will leave when she is ready.    Well she was right, the boat will wait because she was paying.  The sun however didn't work on her schedule.

    Our friends were to have a beach wedding and the reception where they both worked (a bar).  They had the lower section blocked of for the reception.    A tropical storm arrived that day.  Wedding was moved to the bar.   Bar was still open to the public.  The upper bar was open to the lower section.  So they popped up the arch and said their vows.   Everyone, guests and patrons all had drinks in their hand and witnessed their vows.  Then the party started.  Lots of Jaeger shots that day.

    I showed up at bar in St John with a co-worker one night.  He had 2 friends fly in to visit.  At some point they informed us they were eloping.   The VI required 2 witnesses and they asked if I would be one of them.   The next day I showed up with a boombox (ipod were not heard of then) and flowers.   I lined an aisle out with the flowers.  Witnessed the wedding and they couple took us out to dinner.

    We had just moved to TX in December and my cousin was getting married in DE in March. I was only 8 or 9. I remember that wedding because it was my first time ever flying. 

    My cousin's wedding when I caught the bouquet.   I didn't eve want to be up there, but I was and I ended up catching it, but not before I was stabbed in the foot with a stiletto heel.  It drew blood and was bruised for weeks.

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  • My own wedding, of course!  Followed by my daughter's wedding.
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