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Where to out dress on?

So I am wondering should I get my dress on in my hotel room? Or in the bridal suite in the chapel? I am staying in aria and getting married in aria if that makes a difference. We are having our ceremony at 4, but we can be in the bridal suite at 3:00. My hmua comes at 1:00. Not sure if any of that makes a difference but should I put my dress on in the suite, because what else am I going to do for an hour in the bridal suite or should I get dressed in my room? Just curious what other brides did

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    I think it depends on if you are taking any photos before. I plan on getting dressed in my room so my photographer can take photos ahead of time of us getting ready and me with my girls. Might be a little crowded in the suite to take photos like that. 
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    I personally have a big problem with walking through the hotel with my gown on. I don't want strangers looking at me. I don't want to be a spectacle. So I plan on putting my dress on in the bridal suite right before the ceremony. 
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    I put my dress on in the room. I'm not one for a spectacle either, but I have great memories of wearing my dress thru MGM heading to the chapel. People smiled and congratulated us the entire walk. When we got back to Excalibur, the costmumed characters (not the skeezy ones on the strip, the ones in the actual hotel) played the wedding march for us as we walked by and bowed. It was one of our many great memories of the day.
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    I put mine on in the room and walked to the first look through the hotel/casino with my mom and sister. I got a lot of compliments and congratulations. I usually don't like all eyes on me, but that day I didn't mind!
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
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    I put my dress on in the suite.  I wanted to take some photos in there because we had a balcony and nice natural lighting/background, and it was just a nicer space overall than my bridal suite.  I also had my bridesmaids with me so we were able to do some of the bride and bridesmaid photos there.

    I didn't mind that some people looked at and congratulated me on the way to the transportation I'd booked (we got married at the las vegas country club, no hotel).  Midday the casino isn't as packed and most people aren't drunk yet, so I don't find it to be a big deal.
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    I put my dress on in the room. I'm typically the shy type but that day I loved the attention walking down to the chapel I got congratulated a bunch of times and I couple people even took photos which I was so happy that day I didn't mind :)
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    I didn't pay all that money for a dress so no-one would see it! Its Vegas... flaunt it! Just go down to the bridal suite a little later if you don't have anything to do. :)
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    I am planning on doing a first look with a fake out dress. We are getting married at TI and the chapel and rooms are on the same bank, so you do not have to go through the casino to get there (elevator straight down). However, we want to take photos gambling in my dress (the faker). I have two veils, so it should work out well. I get to see two surprised looks. More than likely, I will change into my real gown in the ready room at the chapel. I think he will appreciate the playfulness.
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