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moh worries.

So here's the deal....I'm completely with the times and know that 2 moh is completely okay. The problem I'm having is my bff kim whom I've known about 6 years and her children are best friend with my children is my matron of honor. She is the one who suggested that she either step down or I should just have 2. My maid of honor krystal has been like my sister since we were in kindergarten. She moved a state away when we were 10 but we spent every summer and most Christmases together. So....of course she would be my maid of honor....but When I called her and cried tears of joy while asking her to stand by me as moh....I completely forgot to mention that there is also a matron of honor. I took Kim dress shopping yesterday for bm gowns and immediately txt Crystal the colors etc. She called me and started talking about planning the showers and bachelorette party etc. I'm so happy that she is excited and ready to plan from a state away....but I have a moh here with her own ideas as well. In a perfect world my two best friends would come together blissfully and work together....but I'm afraid that I'm going to hurt crystals ego when I tell her that she is sharing the role. Who stands next to me? How do I make them both special....and how do I tell crystal without breaking her heart.

Re: moh worries.

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    If Kim has told you she would like to help with a shower and bp, then let Crystal know that your other MOH would like to help out. Give each the other's contact information and let them work it out. The bride shouln't manage or delegate the shower or bp planning. 

    Maid of honor and matron of honor are the same roles. They would both stand with you during the ceremony. One can hold your flowers the other can hold the rings or sign the marriage certificate, if that's required in your area. I would be surprised if two grown women would worry about which stands closest to you. You have already designated that they are special by asking them to be MOH. Don't make a big deal over small details.
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