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Planning Check-In: What's your top three items?

Ladies we are narrowing in on our one year countdown from to our wedding month.  YAY!  BUT, it seems like forever to go doesn't it?  LOL

Anyway, what are the top three planning items on your to-do list right now and where do you stand with them?  After your top three what's next for you?

For me:

1.  Wedding planner/DOC_Event Designer - hired
2.  Venue - booked
3.  Photographer - booked

Next three:

4.  Dress - Ordered
5.  Videographer - In progress
6.  Musician/DJ -  Musician booked; DJ - In progress

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Re: Planning Check-In: What's your top three items?

  • 1. Find a beautiful outdoor venue - working on it.
    2. Find a reception area where we can have a bonfire - working on it
    3. Order rings - done
  • 1. Reception Venue - booked 

    2. Ceremony Venue - we have an idea but have not booked 

    3. Photographer - looking online for options  
  • Top 3:

    1. Ceremony and reception sites
    2. Dress
    3. Photographer

    All are booked/ purchased! 

    Next up are 

    2. Bridesmaids dresses
    3. Invitations

    I have a vague idea of what I want with dresses and invitations but I haven't really looked into any of it yet. I have lots of time but my mother keeps pushing to get it all sorted. 
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  • top 3... 1. Venue - Booked 2. photographer- booked 3. Flowers- next up to do: 1. my dress 2. bridesmaid dresses 3. invitations... i already ooked my DJ, spoke to my officiant and have an idea on my invitations... oh and my e-shoot is scheduled for 9/13... its beginning to feel so real!!!!!
  • Top 3:

    1. Venue - booked 

    2. Photographer - booked

    3. Videographer - booked

    Next up:

    1. Caterer

    2. Guest list/Invitations

    3. Dress - appointment at bridal salon is booked for December 13th. I'm SO excited!!

  • 1. Church - done
    2. Reception site - done
    3. Guest list - mostly done

    Next I'm going to:
    1. find photographers
    2. start looking for the dress when we get into autumn/winter (too excited)
    3. save the dates/invitations
  • 1. Venue is done
    2. Videographer done
    3. Photograper - meeting with him today

    1. Dress shopping 9/12
    2. Tasting with the caterer at the end of September
    3. Book a DJ, hopefully that is done tomorrow
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    A lot of you have got your photographer booked already... made me think I should be sorting mine out too. Making enquiries now! Haha :)
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