Local Knotties, this time I'm asking for help. Need beachfront home or venue for frugal kids

I used the local board a LOT when I got married in August 2011. There used to be a lot more people posting, but I think Pinterest has sort of taken over, which is too bad because there were always a lot of people taking part years ago. 

I do a lot of research in my job so am pretty capable of finding things on my own, and did so during my wedding planning days. Now I'm asking for help because my son has finally proposed to his lovely fiance and they want to get married here in Michigan next fall (ie September or early October). They live in DC, her family lives in Kansas, and yes, they have decided on Michigan as a venue. 

They are VERY particular:

- Beachfront ceremony site, with maybe an indoor option, preferably on Lake St Clair or Lake Huron. This is actually the bride's one strong opinion
- Able to bring in your own food & alcohol (I'm very familiar with caterers and alcohol suppliers from my own planning)
- No "cookie cutter" venues like golf/yacht/boat clubs. They've already said Silver Shores in Wyandotte does not fit their style
- Small wedding of about 50

They just got engaged last week during our vacation to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore. They are super frugal because they will be buying a house in the DC area also, and houses there cost 4 times the cost around here. We have primarily been looking at large home rentals from the top of the thumb down, and there are a few in the running. But I know the ladies here often find "out of the mainstream" places that aren't published or routinely found.

We've been through all the Huron Metro park system locations, this is not what they want. Ideally they want a place close to where several people can sleep. They've seen all the city/county/state parks along the Lake Huron shore, not to their liking because they want it to feel charming and home-like. I've even just recently recommended some inland lakes in the counties surrounding Detroit. They didn't like Lake Nepessing (sp?) either. Go figure!

I have read all the posts on this local board for vendors, I have looked at all the postings back to when I was planning, which was a LONG time ago! So I guess what I'm asking is if any of you have run across something that fits these specifics while planning a similar style wedding? Don't bother checking vrbo.com or any of the other home rental sites. We've probably looked at each of them 3 times each ourselves, LOL. This would be something you have found on your own along the way. 

Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Like I said, I used to answer lots of questions here, and still check back to see if there are any I can answer. But I suspect we've either found what they want from the searches we've just done. or there is something out there that is buried in another couple's wedding search we have yet to find. 

Happy Planning! 

Re: Local Knotties, this time I'm asking for help. Need beachfront home or venue for frugal kids

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    vk2204vk2204 member
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    My first thought would be to check out the rental homes, but you've already done that!

    I wonder if you could contact different vendors around the area that you like and see if they can offer any opinions for you. I am not familiar with that area, but I will keep my ears open for you.

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    Tiffany101015Tiffany101015 member
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    Why didn't they like lake nepessing? did they look at the country club or the boat club? I highly recommend Lake Nepessing boat club in lapeer! It's more lake feel and less banquet feel. There is an outdoor pavillion and indoor reception area. They have you pay 1 rental rate for the entire area.

    Also, they are letting me bring in my own caterer and alcohol.
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    kaccjskaccjs member
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    My sister got married a few years ago on the west side of the state off of Lake Michigan.  The reception was at a bed and breakfast.  They had to book every room for the weekend but that wasn't hard (wedding party and parents).   The B & B set up a beautiful tent and had an amazing caterer.  I looked up Lake Huron B&Bs and came up with these:



    Not sure if they do weddings but it may be worth a shot.  Hope this helps


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    Tiffany, I agree 100% re: Lake Nepessing. I loved it, but to be honest they've seen some private homes that are HUGE on the eastern shore of Michigan and in THEIR opinion it pales in comparison to what they are looking at. 

    Kaccjs, thanks, but at this time they are looking in the thumb and on the eastern coast of Michigan. My son has a couple of friend's whose parents have homes within a reasonable distance so that would provide additional sleeping options. 

    vk2204: I did reach out to the caterer and DOC from our wedding for some suggestions. Heard back from the DOC who had no recommendations, still waiting to hear from the caterer. 

    I honestly think they've seen the best options, but of course in trying to be helpful I sought some more information. 

    Thanks all! Keep them coming! 
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    Maybe an indoor option for September or October?  Better make sure there's an indoor option!  My birthday is Labor Day and while some years that means 80 degrees, others have definitely been winter coat weather.  It's also always colder on the water. 

    I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions but renting a house definitely seems like the best option.  Good luck!


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