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wedding bouquet opinions please

morning all, 

First off hope you dont mind me posting - the UK forums are so much quieter than this one!

wondering if you could give me some opinions.

I am debating between two artificial bridal bouquets for my October wedding - I always imagined something like picture A since I got engaged but theres such an appeal to picture B - I just dont know which one is prettiest. Price wise A is £50 ($85) B is £30  ($51) so theres not even a real sway with the prices. Only possible negative to picture B is whether the pearl sways will be a little dangerous and poke eyes out (Hubs to be always manages to poke things in his peepers!)

I am going with artificial as I want to be able to keep them - there wont be many other flowers. Child Bridesmaids (5 of under 9) and a adult bridesmaids will carry a small posy. 



Re: wedding bouquet opinions please

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