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bridal bells boutique berlin- they did an amazing job with the dress i was able to pick it up two days before the wedding it was all steemed and pressed and ready for me as well as the veil, i had such an amazing experience with them, i was able to try on many gowns in larger sizes, she had the largest selection of plus size gowns in the area, she carries gowns by mori lee, jasmine, venus, and bonny her gowns start at 500 and up she carries inexpensive bridal gowns mob bridesmaid and prom, amazing amazing, i ended up not wearing my bridal heals on the day off and opted to just wear my reception change of bridal wedge flip flops my dress was altered so good that even with the wedge flops on the dress was not dragging to the floor.

scotts flowers new britain- amazing they did such a good job on the flowers,. there were some other places i visited before them floral studios that specalized in weddings i would go  tell them exactly what i wanted daisys they would turn their noses one place told me you are aware that daisys dont form a round circle and they kind of flop these places were used to working with expensive flowers both places gave me bad vibes, when i went to scotts the staff was amazing, i came in told the lady who works with weddings what kinds of flowers i wanted daisy's for my maids and daisys and roses for me and my moh she gave me many suggestions on what colors went with the roses and many options on different daisy color options i had. the week off i was able to make some changes ( we needed a few less boutaniers) i also had a memory locket of my grandma that i wanted them to add to the boquet and they did.  they gave me a time they would arrive at the house between 230-3 and they were there at 230 with all the flowers the flowers came out amazing.. and they were very resonable in pricing unlike other places that wanted to charge you and arm and a leg 

 scott dery aka worner bros video/ photo in bristol- scott was amazing to work with from the moment we meet with him we knew he was going to take amazing photos. he did the video for my cousins wedding and he did an amazing job with it. my dad used to know the previous owner from when my dad did wedding photos and he gave us a good recomendation for ct wedding video, response time via email or phone was very efficent, we had him for 8 hours starting from my moms house he was on time and did an excellent job taking photos. they are not ready yet but when they are i cant wait to see them

abby road limo- manchester some hickups first call the lady on the phone got the info wrong she had all the pick ups and drop off streets mispelled or totaly wrong we had to fix that twice. we were suposed to have therm for 4 hours but some mix up happend the day of and we only had them for 3 hours. when i called the week of for the drivers name a new person answered and said the lady you spoke with before is no longer here. and she could not find our info beacuse our contract was listed as a airport drop off and not a wedding, which she fixed. what was strange was that the old person called my fi that monday saying they needed more money for the limo and fi said you quoted us 835 for 4 hours she said oh yes i did never mind i dont work there anymore but i work at the place that stores the buses have a good wedding your all set, was kind of strange that she would do that 

testas- southington amazing to work with, they are very resonably priced and the staff is on top of everything, enzo and his staff was amazing at the wedding they were fast and effecent at getting the food out, there was plenty of food appitizers and drinks, all our guest were raving at how good the food was and how much there was. the staff even brought out take home containers for any food that you could not finish

volume entertainment southington- james from volume djs did a great job at the wedding he responded to all of my emails and worked with us on song selections for our important songs. it was great he played almost everything on my must play except for two songs  but that was because things were running behind 

custom cakes by steve at d'sorbos bakery- amazing to work with we had our cake consultation and his cakes were most and very flavorfull and his frostings were out of this world and did not taste articifical like some of the big well known italian bakeries. cake came out amazing we did a vanilla cake with chocolate mouse white frosting covering the cake with scroll work our topper was ivory and teal roses, all of our guest said it was the best cake they ever had 

us nails- berlin i called a week before to see if they could do nails and pedis for 8 people early in the morning they normaly open at 9 but they opened at 830 for us they had plenty of staff on hand to assist us and were able to get me my mom and sister out at 10 for our hair apointments. the tech that did my nails and feet gave me a design on my big toes and two diamonds on two of my fingers at no charge.  they are very resonable it was 35 for mani pedi 

studio ten berlin- diane did an amazing job with my hair i have been going to her for 16 years, the week before my wedding she did a trail run on my hair we looked at styles and found one that would work best with my thick hair she also colored and hi lighted my hair. day off she was amazing she did my hair and my moms hair my sister and my cousin saw another stylist at the salon who also did an amazing job with there hair, frank who does my grandmas hair there did an amazing job with her hair as well 

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  • update finally got photos from photographer he took about 700 lots of duplicate shots the photos were good we saw some at his place and then he gave us our media to look at the rest at home.. there were a lot of raw photos still that were given to us easy fixes like removing things in the background. that i had someone else fix up for me all and all he did a good job shooting the photos but he could have done more with some of the editing. but he was great to work with.

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