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WR: Got so much done this weekend!

We are 33 days out from the wedding, and I have been so stressed about all the things left to get done.  But after this weekend I feel a lot better!

Friday, FI and I got our marriage license!  We can now legally get married in August, and the only thing I have to worry about is not losing it before then.  I have put FI in charge of that, so I can relax.

FI and I also spent an hour putting one of our favors together this weekend, so that is one more thing off my list.  I remember when my BFF was getting married and her then FI (now DH) wouldn't help with any of that stuff.  It made me even more grateful that my FI is willing to do anything to help with our wedding.

Best of all, I finished writing our ceremony and emailed it to our officiant!  I read it out loud with FI repeating back whenever required so we could get a time on it, and it came in at 10 minutes.  That was right what I was shooting for because if we end up going a bit faster it still won't be too short, and if it takes a bit longer it won't be too long.  I also discovered that I am going to be a weepy mess on our wedding day because I was crying just about the entire time I was reading it out loud.  Note to self:  Have a bunch of tissues on hand during the ceremony.

Now I can work on our programs.  My to-do list is rapidly decreasing and it feels great!
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