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Does anyone have a suggestion on an outdoor venue in southeastern Wisconsin?  Ideally the location would be appropriate for both the ceremony and the reception and would be reasonably priced.  It would also be near water...Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!

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    Dekoven in Racine and Kemper Center in Kenosha are 2 that you can check out.
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    Great locations.  I'm also looking for the same type of venue but closer to the Milwaukee area, any suggestions?  Thanks!
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    The Milwaukee War Memorial. We had our outdoor wedding ceremony there this past weekend and it was amazing! We had the reception indoors at the War Memorial. It is very reasonably priced too at $1700.

    The Art Museum and Discovery World are two other options, but the food minimum is $18K and the rental is $7K!

    Good luck :o)
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    Milwaukee area - The War Memorial (inside is pretty ugly though in my opinion...outside during the warm months I imagine is pretty), Coast, Miller Room, Harbor Lights Room, Villa Terrace, Art Museum, Pier Wisconsin

    There is a Country Club in Racine, but I don't think it's near water.  Not familiar with Kenosha.

    Lake Geneva is not very east...but there are several places that would be beautiful for a wedding around the lake.
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    Thank you!  Those are great suggestions...I will need to check them out!
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    An uncommon one that is pretty decently priced is the Grafton River Dells

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    If you are interested in the Lake Geneva area, I would recommend Abbey Springs in Fontana, you can do both ceremony and reception there.  We are having a lakeside ceremony under a tent, and a reception at the clubhouse.  It's definitely a better price deal than any of the other Lake Geneva area resorts will charge, and is the closest to the lake.  Good luck!
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    Try Coast Restaurant, Miller Room, Harbor Lights Room, and Zilli Lakes & Gardens, all operated by Zilli Hospitality Group (located in Milwaukee & Waukesha).

    Good Luck!
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    Look into The Abbey Resort in Fontana. It's just outside of Lake Geneva, the grounds are beautiful and the have a spectacular ballroom. Also it sits right on Lake Geneva and you can see the marina from the wedding and reception site.

    Very beautiful!!
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    Has anyone heard of Golden Mast on lake Okauchee?  I heard it was very nice, but didn't know if anyone here had experience with it...
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    Don't forget the nature centers in SE WI.  They can have some beautiful inexpensive venues for rent, and the outdoor vistas are fabulous.  Schlitz Audobon in Fox Point and Riveredge Nature Center in Saukville, WI are two of my favorites.
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