Service charge/Tax question

I am reviewing my final estimated invoice for my venue/caterer and the 20% service charge is taxed!?!?!  Is this correct?  I tried to find more info on this on WI Dept of Revenue but couldn't.  Did anyone get a good explanation for this that they can help me understand? Or fight? It's w/Zilli Hospitality so I'm guessing its correct and they know what they are doing, I just find it hard to believe.

But....wouldn't be surprised.... :-)  Thanks!!!

Re: Service charge/Tax question

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    We aren't using Zilli Hospitality, but our service charges were also taxed.
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  • msteph82msteph82 member
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    Our service charges were also taxed. 
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    Yes, that's correct.  Our caterer told us that is just how the state of Wisconsin operates - how lame!  LOL
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  • jberg134jberg134 member
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    Yep, that's what we have been told too at the Yacht Club.
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    Well, they ended up absorbing the bartender labor charge which was about the same cost as the 20% service charge so 50% off!  Never hurts to ask and we feel like we're not getting ripped off.  :-)
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