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Miami girl seeking Elegant Rustic Wedding Weekend

Hey everyone,
I have been researching for weeks trying to find a shabby chic/elegant rustic venue that provides overnight accommodations for around 100 people. I'm from south Florida and all we have here are beach weddings or very fancy hotel weddings--just not my style. I am going for more of a campy/barn feel. I want to be able to rent out a whole resort/facility that has a lot of fun activities for my guests (canoes, hiking, biking, etc), but still has a bit more luxurious accommodations (not bunk beds where they have to bring their own linens). I fell IN LOVE with Cedar Lakes Estate in NY even though it would be quite a pain for me and my guests to get there, however, they only have comfortable accommodations for about 28 people. I'm a hippy at heart, and really want a bohemian kind of wedding weekend with mason jars and tea lights, but I still want my guests to be comfortable in air conditioned and clean rooms. I know it kind of sounds like a contradiction but places like I'm describing really do exist! I just can't find them with enough overnight accommodations for all my guests. Please, any ideas are helpful! I am willing to travel to the north east, or Georgia, North Carolina, etc, but the midwest and west are a bit too far. I know all the amazing places are in California but it's not feasible for me to plan something over there. Thanks for the advice!! :)

Re: Miami girl seeking Elegant Rustic Wedding Weekend

  • Check out White Oaks Barn in Dahlonega, GA. It is gorgeous and they have a barn! It was built specifically to host weddings so it has restrooms and a kitchen inside. Dahlonega is a small town but offers the outdoors activities you are looking for: hiking, kayaking, biking, etc.
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