Carson's Catering

Has anyone worked with and tasted the food of Carson's Catering in Scottdale, PA? I am thinking about using them for my reception. Thank you!

Re: Carson's Catering

  • Carsons Tavern or Carsons Premier, there are two different Carsons in Scottdale. Carsons Tavern is very good and personalized service they only book one wedding per weekend we choose them to cater our wedding. Carsons Premier is a full time caterer can sometimes cater up to 15 events a weekend which to me is not personalized enough for me, they weddings i have been to that they have catered before have also had some food they were unable to keep cold. 
  • Thank you. Yes, this is Carson's Premier Catering that I was referring to. Good to know!
  • One more question sb2girl1.....the weddings you've been to where Carson's Premier catered, were they buffets or sit-downs? Thanks!
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