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Kind of odd gift giving questions

I am in a friend's wedding this weekend. I am a professional photographer myself, but am not her photographer. I found her wedding photographer for her and made sure her package came with digitals with the intent to make a wedding album for her from the images. It would be about $1k+ if she added it onto her package from her photographer, so it's a cost savings to her, but also just something I really want her to have as a friend and not something she could buy on her own.

I've told her, informally, that this will be her gift and she seems super happy about it, but I'm not sure how to word it in the actual card I give her. And, do I put adollar "limit" on it... I mean, a 10x10 leather bound album with extra spreads could easily run me $500, which is out of my budget. But it seems weird to say, "So happy for you and X- to celebrate your wedding I would love to design and gift you a wedding album costing up to but no more than $X!" kwim? -_-

Lastly, my mom is coming with me to the wedding (out of state wedding with my young daughter as the flower girl, but my DH works so I didn't want to travel alone) and my mom wanted until the last minute and now the only items left on her registry are all really pricey.  Is it weird to have my gift of the album (plus maybe some more prints) be from both myself and my mom? 

My mom won't do a cash gift, she's just old school I guess.


Re: Kind of odd gift giving questions

  • If your mom is attending, I think she should bring a gift. Personally, I would never show up to a wedding giftless - and the photo album is pretty obviously YOUR gift to the bride.

    As far as the type of photo album, I think you could make up a "coupon" for the album. You could say "$100 toward a wedding album" or something similar. 

  • okay. or do I maybe give her the specifics? "A 10x10 linen bound album with 20 spreads with engraving"...? I don't want it to be a dollar amount thing, but I just don't want it to go beyond what I can comfortably give.
  • I think all you say is that you will design and produce an album. Period. That puts you in complete control of what it looks like and how much it costs - no different than if you waited for a sale to buy a registry gift, or used a coupon, or whatever. She'll give you the digital copies, you do your thing, give her back the finished product. If she for whatever reason thinks it's not "enough," she can buy another album on her own (same with any other gift anyone freely gives).

  • I would detail what you're giving her, ie: a 20-page, 10x10 album.  That makes it less awkward for her when she sends the photos to you.  And less awkward for you having to pick and choose which pics make the cut.
  • Are you including some type of coupon or something in the card? I find it weird that you would just write in the card the specifics of your gift. I would probably just put something like "I can't wait until you get your pictures back so I can make a wedding album for you". That way you can reference the gift in your card and when the time comes I would tell them it will be a 10" x 10" album and let them know how many pictures to pick out for you to put in there.
  • Just write in the card the item that costs exactly what you can afford.  So if it is a 10 x10 photo album with 50 pictures then write that.  Also your mom should bring her own gift.  It would be obvious if she just hooked onto yours.
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  • Sorry to thread hijack, but where do you order your photo books from?

  • chibiyui said:
    Sorry to thread hijack, but where do you order your photo books from?
    KISS albums 
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