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Well now that, that's out of the way........

We just recently booked our venue and photographer and now I feel kind of bored. We were so busy with appointments and researching and now that it's booked, I feel like we have a break for a bit. Next on my list is my dress but I have a couple of months for that. I, of course am still looking up a lot of things, from decor to invites to hair/makeup, but those things will be awhile until we need to really figure out what we will be doing. I find myself looking and stressing out about things, like wording for invites and I think to myself how silly, because we have so long until that time comes.

It's just crazy how busy and overwhelmed we were and now it's calm. I guess that's how wedding planning goes, right?

Any one else feeling this way?


Re: Well now that, that's out of the way........

  • Totally agreed!

    What's your date?
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  • I feel like we stalled out too! It just seems to soon to start certain things but I need to do something!
  • Now that we have our venue booked, we're able to stop worrying about that! Of course the weekend we chose is during a very busy weekend in July. I was so stressed we would be screwed.  Now we're looking into renting a house for the reception/family and friend celebration week. I'm not too worried about that. 

    I just figure do one thing at a time and have fun with it. We plan to just have a fun and chill wedding. 
  • I feel the same. I was really stressed the last few weeks though, so now that the big stuff is taken care of I'm calling this my "wedding planning vacation" lol.
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