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Chairs Instead of Pews?

Hey ladies!

FI and I have decided on a church which I love for our ceremony! The only problem is that it has chairs instead of pews! I have been trying SO HARD to figure out how to decorate these chairs, but I can't find anything! Have any of you had do deal with this? If so how have you decorated them?


Re: Chairs Instead of Pews?

  • How heavily decorated would you like them? Each chair? You can buy or rent chair bows, sashes, all sorts of things to put on them in all sorts of price ranges. Or you could just decorate the chair closest to the aisle with some sort of floral arrangement.

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    Many churches have chairs instead of pews.  No big deal.  You don't need to decorate them.  Concentrate on the altar area where people will looking at you!
  • You can add tulle and or pew bow to the end of each row of chairs.  I had an outdoor ceremony, but we sort of tied off the aisle with tulle.  See photos.
  • It's pretty normal to have chairs. Don't plan on doing much. Definitely not chair covers if you were thinking that... If you want to decorate them, I would put ribbon, bows or flowers at the end of each row. If that's too cost prohibitive, alternate rows or do every 3rd row. Decorating too much will draw attention to the chairs, which it sounds like you don't want.

    If you're on a limited budget, I would put all the money you were going put into decorating the chairs and buy another floral display for your altar. 

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    I would treat the chairs just like you would treat pews and only decorate the chairs that are next to the aisle.  But really you don't have to decorate them at all if you don't want to.  Check with your church and see what limits they put on decorations.  For our wedding we had tall vases filled with water and submerged orchids and lily grass with 3 floating candles on top that lined the aisle.

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    Keep in mind that all eyes will be front and center on the bridal party, bride, and groom.  Once the guests sit down, any chair or aisle decorations will be moot. 
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    You could clip bows, material, flowers, or whatever to the chairs lining the aisle.  Examples:
    church wedding decorations
    Aisle runner and/or flower petals and maybe a little something else; example:
    You could add a chair sash to each chair; example:
    Great Hall Wedding 2
    Or you could just leave it as is; example:
    weddings Normanton Church
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