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Wedding Vendor Reviews- 6/14/14 (long)

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I wanted to post my reviews (although late!) because I found this board to be so helpful in my planning.  Although we had been researching ideas for a while, we got married six weeks after we officially set a date.  It was a busy six weeks, but it worked out well for us (I couldn’t be wishy washy about decisions).  We were very happy with our wedding and vendors- I don’t think I would have changed anything.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask- I found almost all of my vendors off the wedding boards!

Update- I wanted to point out how much fun it ended up being having a LV wedding. We enjoyed our minimoon in LV ( honeymoon will be in November). I didn't realize how nice people would be. All day long, especially during our photo tour, people kept congratulating us, cheering when we walked by, chatting with us. We even had a few people ask if they could photobomb us, which they did! My new hubby and I are fairly reserved, so we had to get used to being the center of attention. But it really added to the general celebration of the day, and it will always be a happy memory.

Wynn Las Vegas- A-

Ceremony-  We worked with Darlene and Linda.  They were very responsive to my questions and always friendly.  Although we were married in LV, we wanted a more traditional ceremony and location.  We were married in the Lavender salon- it is very pretty (they are remodeling now).   We picked the Wynn because it was our favorite chapel that we toured; in addition, we really liked the fact that we could completely personalize our ceremony.  Reverend Walter was so nice and did a great job, and we were able to select Bible readings, music, a poem, and our vows, and he performed a sand ceremony. 

Additional bonus- our package included transportation to the courthouse for our license (fyi- we did the online registration in advance- so easy.  We were there less than 10 minutes).   The only car they had available for us was a Rolls Royce!  :)

Misc. re Wynn:  The packages are a little pricey.  You are also required to buy all floral through them which is expensive.  Also, we were required to use their photographer through Cashman Photo.  The photographer that took our photos did take some good photos, but I’m not sure if she was the regular photographer- she was not familiar with some of the locations that we suggested at the property for photos.  But we do have some nice photos at the Wynn.

Hotel accommodations-   This is a beautiful hotel.  The room was great!

Hair/Makeup- Harmony Medina- A

Harmony did such a great job!  I was nervous about the wedding, and she was so nice and easy to talk to.  I absolutely loved how she did my hair and makeup (including airbrush foundation and false lashes- a first for me!)- I didn’t have a trial, but I showed her a few pictures.  It was exactly what I wanted.  My hair and makeup lasted all day and night.

Reception- Fleming’s at Town Square- A

We had a luncheon reception at Fleming’s- I was so happy with how things turned out!  We worked with Juliet in Private Dining.  They have set menus you can use, or they will customize one for you.  The location is fairly new, and we were in their private room.  The restaurant is not open at lunch, so we were the only ones there.  We had about 43 people at the reception, and there was plenty of room.  Both the food and service were great (there were several servers helping out).  It worked out best with our timing to have a Saturday luncheon, but we ended up saving a lot of money by having lunch instead of dinner.  Our guests were happy because then they had the evening free to have fun in LV.  I was very happy with the reception. 

FYI- The Town Square is about a 10-15 minute drive from the Wynn.


Reception Music- Ides Quartet- A+

We wanted to have some background music during lunch, but we didn’t want a DJ since we weren’t doing dancing.  I’ve always loved string quartets, and I found the Ides Quartet online.  They were awesome!!!  I wasn’t sure what to expect (since I did not meet them until the reception), but they are so talented and professional.   Some of them are UNLV students, and their prices were very reasonable.  They played for three hours, and they did such a great job.  My guests raved about how wonderful of a group they are, and it really added some elegance to the event.   


Reception Florist- Las Vegas Bouquet- A

Gosia did a great job on my centerpieces.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on flowers, but I wanted some decorations.  I contacted her with my budget and what I was looking for, and she made beautiful arrangements that fit my budget.  I wish I could have taken one home on the plane!


Cake- Drago Sisters- A

Our cake was beautiful and absolutely tasty!  One of my guests is obsessed with cake, and she said it was the best cake she had ever had.  They were so nice to deal with and made great suggestions.  The cake was wonderful!

Photo Tour Photographer- Dave Lite Photography

We haven’t received our pictures yet, so I can’t rate the photo quality.  However, our photographers were so much fun.  Jeff Lite was the primary photographer, and he was so creative.  We rented an Escalade, and we drove around for about 3 hours- Vegas sign, Bellagio, Paris, Venetian, and the Mob Museum steps (former federal courthouse downtown).  I’m sure the photos will be great!


Transportation- Presidential Limo- A

Presidential did a great job the three times we used them.  They were always on time, polite and professional.  After our reception, I needed to make a quick stop at Sephora- the driver was so nice about it!  Our driver for our photo tour was great too- helped make the experience fun.

Additional Town Square locations:

The day prior to the wedding, we spent some time at the Town Square.

Sugar Factory-  We went here for dessert- it was so good.

I LOVE Burgers- We went here for a casual place for everyone to meet up.  We had reserved their private room; however,  when we got there on Friday, no one seemed to know anything about it and they had let people sit in the room.  It took about 20 minutes for them to clear out the room so we could sit down.  Otherwise, the food was pretty good and inexpensive.

Look Style Society- Seven of us had our nails done here.  I was happy with my manicure and pedicure, but others had mixed reviews.  The prices are not too bad- cheaper than the expensive hotel salons, but more than you would pay at a neighborhood salon.  The salon itself is very cute, and they also have a blowout bar.



Favors- Beaucoup- A, We ordered miniature old-fashioned candy jars with Jelly Bellies inside.  They were definitely a hit.

Invitations and Menu Cards- Wedding Paper Divas- A,   Good quality and prices.  The menu cards added a nice touch to the reception.

Etsy vendors- we were happy with everything we ordered: 
Personalized Sand Ceremony jars- GlassMage
Bridal Tiara- CrystalAvenues
Personalized Napkins- MemorableWedding
Personalized Wedding Coloring Book- Squishy Cute Designs  (very cute for the kids)
Veil- Karissa's Veil Boutique
Just Married T-shirts- Threadtails

Re: Wedding Vendor Reviews- 6/14/14 (long)

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    Thanks for the reviews! Can't wait to see photos!
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    Thanks for the reviews! Congrats!
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    Awesome reviews!  So glad you had fun! 

    Looking forward to seeing your photos too.
    Love that you include the Etsy and Misc reviews too.  That was so helpful.

      Thanks, and Congrats!
    We had our dream wedding in Las Vegas - 11.29.2014
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    I love the Town Square area too!  Thanks for all the reviews!
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    Great reviews I loved harmony and drago sisters for my wedding too :) congratulations!
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    I felt the same way about Harmony!!
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    Thank you for your review!! I have Darlene and Linda working on ours for next April. My biggest worry is Cashman also. We are getting ALOT of extra photography so scared or wasting money, and depending on the single vendor. Will you post any of your pics? This review is so helpful!! I was thinking of harmony too! Thank you :)
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    Thanks everyone! @jixxt- I will see if I can scan some photos- we didn't purchase the digital copies. I wouldn't worry about your photos. We had the hour of photos with our package and paid for an additional hour. I liked most of the photos that were taken. There were some pictures that I wish had been better (fyi- after your wedding, they take a picture of the two of you doing a toast- make sure they don't take all of the pictures right in front of the exit sign :) ). I think your experience will just depend on the photographer. Our photographer was nice and did a pretty good job, but I was just surprised she didn't seem to know about some of the areas at the Wynn (i.e. the flower decorated carousel and hot air balloon), and the poses were similar in each location. However, I liked the way most of the photos turned out. Due to the price, we did not purchase too many- we just picked our favorites. I would suggest walking around the Wynn the day before your wedding (if possible) and make a list of locations where you would like your photos taken. Our photographer was completely flexible about doing whatever we wanted. If you are concerned, this way you can be proactive to make sure you get what you want. Another option is to do what we did- hire a separate photographer to take pictures off the property. One other nice thing about the Wynn- they had me drop off my wedding dress and accessories the day before the wedding. Everything was waiting for me in the dressing room when I arrived- it was nice not to have to deal with it that morning!
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