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I'm having a destination wedding and having welcome bags for the guests staying at the resort. Has anybody found inexpensive cotton/canvas tote bags to get screenprinted? I'm homing to spend less than $2 per bag Thanks! Wedding Countdown Ticker

Re: Wholesale totes for welcome bag

  • Have you tried Oriental Trading? 

    I found:

  • Just remember that the tote bag and stuff in it will have to be taken home with the guests, or they'll throw it away.  Instead of giving them something else they have to worry about packing, how about contacting the resort and getting wine or fruit placed in the guests rooms.  You can put a thoughtful, handwritten welcome card with it.  The resort may even throw the fruit in if you're getting a big enough block of rooms.

    I have so many of those cheap, reusable totes under my kitchen sink that I leave them places.  If I take clothes to Goodwill, I drop them off in the bag.  If I take wine/snacks to a party, same thing.  I cannot wait to get rid of them.  

    If you're going to put knickknacks or anything emblazoned with your name/wedding date/etc. in the totes, just don't.  More stuff to pack that won't get used again.  And when it comes to sunscreen minis, lotion minis, etc., I've already packed the brands I like so I don't need them when I get there.

    Consider a small version of something like this:
  • Have you tried FuzzyFabric?

    I found 3 types of bags

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    Echoing atlastmrsg, please don't print "Mary and Bob's Hawaiian Wedding~October 2014" on the bags, or on any other favors you plan to give to your guests. These things will be tossed before your guests fly home. 

    If you are set on giving them bags (truly a cute idea to be honest -- oriental trading is a great place or any craft store in your area), just leave them blank, put the guest's name on them, or find a cute saying from the destination you're getting married in (example: aloha!). I would much prefer something like this, but I honestly wouldn't use a bag again if it had someone else's wedding details written on it.
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