Wedding Woes


1-Buffy has learned 'baby talk' at school.  urgle.  "me want the wed cup" gets no response from me.  kids.

2-My dog is going to be a hairy beasty nightmare--she was supposed to get groomed last week, but we ran out of time, moved it to tomorrow.  But since she's exposed to vaccine resistant bordetella, I called and canceled her appointment.  the incubation period can be 2 weeks, so she's in doggie quarantine.

3-Buffy is going to daycare tomorrow AND I'm taking the day off work.  it sounds like heaven right now--made more heavenly by the presence of a vicoden hangover--I forgot I had stronger dose pills and still took 2 instead of 1 last night--not dangerously lot or ODing, but still an oops.  On the flip side, I was bad enough last night taht a coke + a double dose of vicoden took 4 hours to kick in.

4-People are stupid about carbon copies--I'm glad it's not just me.  Apparently Larry B. forgot to take his time off form off the top of the stack before filling out his name.  My yellow copy of my time off forms say GBCK over top of Larry B.  

I had a #5, but I've forgotten it.

Re: Things

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    oh yeah, #5 is that it's PJ day at school today. Wonder woman explained very seriously to me this morning that the real wonder woman doesn't have a cape on her costume, but her wonder woman PJs do, but that's Ok because capes are cool.
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    Oh man, kennel cough is the worst.  My pups got it twice from the same boarder and we're never taking them back there.  NEVER.  And now they get the bordetella vaccine twice a year.
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    yeah--she gets the shot but basically as we walked in, we were told they recently had a dog who came down w/ it and at least 2 dogs who shared the kennel @ the time have gotten it. So at least they told us and were trying? But, really, we didnt have a lot of other options for care--our pet-sitter is busy, the ILs were OOT, we were headed OOT w/ my family, and our previous pet-sitter moved. I'm hoping she doesn't get it--but considering the luck of this dog, she probably will--I mean, for crying out loud, she's allergic to peanut butter and superglue (so she has to have stitches on her many surgeries--or else she gets huge reactions.)
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