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My neighbor and I use the same sitter.  DefConn's been going to her since he was 8 weeks old and I've paid the same rate for the entire time.  My sitter has always grandfathered my rate as a loyal customer and someone who has given her referrals. 

My neighbor's son started at my sitter about 6 months ago, after her sitter had a family emergency (husband had a stroke and requires full time care).  I'm sure she's paying more than me.  

She just asked me how much I'm paying. 

Would you tell her or not?  I'm leaning toward not, out of fairness to my sitter and that it's none of her business. 


  • I would be mad that she even asked, I hate when friends do stuff like that.  Can you just bean-dip?
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    I wouldn't share---I'm not sure how you can not share diplomatically .
  • Man, I really need Dear Prudie for this.  ;) 
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    Is there a blathery non answer you can give?

    Oh, I know that we've been grandfathered in because we're so long term, but daycare is such an expense.  Did you know that the Daycare around the corner costs $750 a month?  where on earth do people with kids find that much cash?  I'm so glad we hae daycareprovider, she's so much a better fit--how is little Jonny likeing going there?

    (I blather.  It throws people off and is my normal defense mechanism when 'silence' isn't an option and I can't shoot blood out of my eyes like a horned toad)
  • "oh, i'd rather not say! i think it would be awkward for sitter if she knew we were talking about her like this."
  • Yeah, I wouldn't say a damn word. She shouldn't ask that question anyway.

  • She told me what she paid and I just said it was the same.  ;) 
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    Yeah, don't share. 
  • Wow.  That was rude of her.

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