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We want to have a videographer along with a photographer on our wedding day but I'm finding that there aren't many individuals/companies that offer both. I really hate the idea of hiring two separate companies bc this would mean two separate contracts, two different companies to coordinate the same ideas with, etc. Its just too much! Has anyone done videography & photography with the same company for their wedding? I am attending a few bridal shows next month so hopefully I can get some more information there but it's always best to hear reviews from those who have dealt with it first-hand! Any information is appreciated! Thanks!!!

Re: Photographer that also offer videography services - Lexington

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    I found that they were two separate companies.  I ended up spending all the money on photos and getting a great photographer.  I don't think I'll ever sit down to watch a wedding video anyway.  I'm really glad I chose to get a great photographer--and spend more on that--then doing two with average vendors.
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