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AW: I tried on some dresses... PIP

I recently went dress shopping, while I haven't been posting much but I hope that the pictures make up for it! 





Re: AW: I tried on some dresses... PIP

  • I like the 1st and 2nd dresses the best! You look great!

  • Well hi there, beauty! I love them, especially #1! Any favorites so far?
  • I like the 2nd and 4th ones best.
  • Another vote for 2nd or 4th - they're all really beautiful but those are my fav's!
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    @CLoGreenEyes, I love 1, 2 and 4 and cannot decide! BUT I have a question: is it custom to have a dress match a venue, or is it okay if the dress doesn't match it at all?
  • OMG that first dress was made for you! Wow!

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  • I feel like deciding shouldn't be this hard! I didn't really have that "bridal" moment (I think its a myth), when trying on the dresses. Dress 1 and 2 made me feel beautiful, but I can see myself wearing both walking down the aisle. Maybe I have to try on a few more just to see.
  • @CLoGreenEyes, I love 1, 2 and 4 and cannot decide! BUT I have a question: is it custom to have a dress match a venue, or is it okay if the dress doesn't match it at all?

    I LOVE dress 2. My dress does not match my venue and I don't care. I don't think it's a big deal at all.

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  • I think dress #1 is my favorite on you and then the second one is really pretty as well! I didn't have a "bridal moment" when I tried on my dress that I bought...I just loved it the most and it felt really good to wear it. 
  • I didn't have a "bridal moment" with my dress, but I knew when I started comparing every other dress to one that it was my dress!  you look great in all of them, but I especially like the silouhette of #1 on your body shape.
  • I love the first one! You look beautiful in them all but that first one.. Damn girl!
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  • I really love #2 and #4! 

  • I like the first and second one the best but they are all lovely.
  • Holy boobs!  I like 1 and 2 as well.  They are very different shapes so it depends on how you'd like to feel in your dress on your day.  I didn't think I'd have a moment either until I went back to try it a 2nd time at the end of a whole day of dress shopping.  I just couldn't get how I felt in that dress out of my head and then they put a veil on and everyone cried.

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  • I love the first one, but you look pretty in all of them.  My dress didn't  match the venue per se, but I went with a very fancy and elaborate dress so it upped the ante on everything versus the dress that was #2 on my mind.


  • I absolutely love #1. Of course, it's similar to my dress, so that may be why, haha. 

    We originally were talking about getting married at a restaurant in Newport, and a couple of the dresses I tried on & liked seemed too "formal" for that setting - but when we switched to the art gallery, I wasn't concerned at all. So yes, I do get what you're saying about "matching" the venue, but I also think you can do what @peaseblossom55 said & drive everything else (decorations, etc) by the formality of your dress.


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  • I know the picture is blurry, but i LOVE dress #1. It's flattering to your figure, looks gorgeous and really stands out. What kind of wedding are you having? My opinion might change depending on your venue/wedding style. Dress looks fantastic on you either way though!
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    I am IN LOVE with dress 2, it looks AMAZING on you.  Are you willing to share who the designer is on that dress?  I would love to try and find it.. :) 

  • You look gorgeous!!

    I have to say number 1 is my favorite! It's unique and looks absolutely stunning on you. 
  • Thanks everyone! I am leaning more towards Dress 1. The wedding is taking place in a gatsby-esque Mansion in Long Island, and its black tie. My friends describe me as "non-traditional" and "offbeat", so they were saying "throw everyone off and wear a ball gown". Personally I could go either way.
     @BreMR its Allure something...I didn't write it down, my bad. 
    @goldinpenguin, Dress twins. 

    My mother, who is often conservative was concerned with dress 2, saying there was too much cleavage going on (she's the boob police). Its difficult because both are truly beautiful. Those are the only two I wanted to try veils on with, and they make me feel like a princess!

    I think that I am going to have to go back and try both dress 1 and 2 on again, and see how I feel. Thanks so much for the help! I love you all! 
  • @bride2b71614 - Based on what you just said, I think the first one would be way more fun for a gatsby-esque mansion. You'll really stick out! Plus it's super fun and flattering!
  • I think Dress 1 looks SO FAB ON YOU!!!
  • For a Gatsby-like mansion, definitely dress 1. 

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  • I like 1 and 2. Gorgeous!

    My dress doesn't really scream mountain private wedding to me, but I love it. I did question at first if it will seem odd but I figure if I am happy in it, that's more important.
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  • I love dress #1 on you and I think it would be perfect for your venue!

  • I love dress #2! 

    It is gorgeous and compliments your figure. 
  • #1 is amazeballs on you! It was made for your figure! Also...hey hey there boobies! 
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  • Ha @bride2be71614!  Your mother is the boob police?!  I say the same thing to my H when he tries to tell me I've got too much cleavage going on for the world to see.  That usually prompts me to give the ladies an extra oomph and tell him they need sunshine. ;)  Wear what you love.  #1 is amazing.
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  • Thanks @beanbot2000

    @minkscat, yes my mother is a peach to deal with when it comes to cleavage...She doesn't understand that you can alter dresses to make them the correct length and fit. It will be fun when we go back! 

    I am also leaning towards 1, I'll let you know how it goes! 
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