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NWR: Graduation gifts

We are going to a college graduation party for H's cousin in a few weeks. I was wondering what the standard gift is? I haven't been to a graduation in so long. $100? $200? I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be as much as a wedding gift, but I wanted to make sure.

Re: NWR: Graduation gifts

  • I graduated college 7-8 years ago in the mid-west and the average gift I received was $100. Given inflation over the past near decade I would say $150 is more than generous and $100 is totally appropriate if your in a similarly priced area. I guess unless you're in NYC or MIA $100-150 would be totally appropriate.
  • We're in NYC.  :)  So maybe $200 is better.
  • Probably, I think you'll be great at $200! We just moved away from Chicago and based on that cost of living I'd say $200 is good for NYC.
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I'm in the Midwest and we give $100 for graduation gifts for kids we don't too well (i.e. DH's golf buddies children, etc.). If it's someone in the family or a close friend's child we give $200.
  • For college, I'd to $159-200. I normally do $100 for high school so I bump it for college.
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    The only graduation I've ever had to worry about was for my SD. She got a trip to Kauai! LOL


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