Does This Sound Tacky??

We're on a tight budget and catering our dinner ourselves. We want to do a buffet and came up with a tentative menu.

Fried Chicken
FrIed Shrimp
Tossed Salad with cheese, croutons, ranch and french dressing
Homemade Mac n cheese
Jello pretzel salad
Cheese, fruit, veggie tray
Ranch fountain
Something else
Our Cake

We are only having about 75 to 90 people and I know his family is used to just going to KFC after a wedding at the JOP

Re: Does This Sound Tacky??

  • Based on what you are saying that they are just used to going to KFC after the wedding- it sounds great and everything compliments each other. It does not agree with my personal preference because I am a health freak but if it works for your guests then go for it
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