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Anyone have to purchase maracas for their Mexico wedding?? Need help on where to find them!!

Hello ladies,

We are getting married in Playa Del Carmen next year and I would like to have maracas sitting on the chairs at the ceremony. I either want to have them in our wedding colors (fuschia and orange) or just a colorful variety (maybe pink, blue, yellow, green, orange etc)  Is it best to purchase them from etsy or somewhere like that or paint them yourselves?? My MOH SIL is super crafty and has offered to write ours names/wedding date on them.

Just wondering which way to go or where to get them? I want the big ones, not the little skinny ones I have seen some places.


Re: Anyone have to purchase maracas for their Mexico wedding?? Need help on where to find them!!

  • I'm sure you can google to find a bulk store to ship maracas in a large quantity, but it looks like there are also websites that do this for you! Not sure how much it will cost, but they look really nice! 
  • We got pretty cheap ones that were much nicer and larger than we thought they would be from 
  • I just got back from Mexico and we are planning on getting maracas as well. When we were in town they have all different colors and designs for a $1. I was planning on getting them when we get there. It's cost effective and don't have to worry about them breaking or getting ruined on the way down there. Let us know what you find out!
  • These are all great suggestions! Thanks ladies! Getting them while we are there is a great idea if we decide not to have our names and date painted on them, I didn't even think of that! The ones on are very reasonable as well! and I adore the ones from your website you shared @eliza621 I may email them to get a quote, I'm sure they are pricey but they are gorgeous! Thanks again ladies!
  • @Latillo where do you live? If you live near a downtown area (we have downtown LA near myself) where you can buy almost anything in bulk for a really inexpensive price and perhaps bargain with vendors. Just a thought :)
  • Hmm I didn't think of that. I would have to do some research and see where I could get some. I live in Chicago @BridalMUA  I can definitely look into that. Thanks for the suggestion!
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