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Hi All,
Getting married 2015 May or September 2015 (TBA)
Were going to Vegas in 3 weeks to look at suites in Vegas.
I am English and my partner is American - Max guest list 15-25 -  Plan: Small Vegas wedding & 1-2 years later big wedding in Fl in church.

Here is my thought on our Vegas wedding:
1. Wedding: Waggon Wheel to marry us at chosen location
2. Retro bakery for wedding cake / (cake wording will change)
3. Wedding dress from Davids Bridal

4. Grooms Tux (Skyfall midnight blue suit or Casino Royal blue pinstripe suit)

7. People marring us includes 1 hour of photography and will have my friend take pictures on day

I called wedding wagon and they ARE very helpful and they gave me some suggestions and also looked on vegas groom "prices are per night and approx)
1. Golden Nuggett $579 - Spa suite. Get married by shark tank pool. then have reception in our suite and use spiral stairs as my entrance!
2. MGM Skyline Loft $800-$1200 -- Marry inside out suite on the terrace skyline, take pictures in suite and around hotel pool. have reception party in suite
3. Cosmopolitan $500 - Wrap Around Suite Get married on hotel grounds (tba when i see property)
4. Hotel 32 $650 - Penthouse Loft Suite. Get married on hotel grounds - Have reception party in our suite
5. Tropicana $550 - Pool Villa/Cabana room. marry in the garden and have reception in our room.
6. Mandalay Bay $575 - Media Suite or Vista Suite - Get married on hotel grounds (tba when i see property) and have reception in our suite
Note: Well fly into Vegas 3 days before wedding, 1st night will book superior room and ask for upgrade. 2 & 3 night book chosen suite (wedding on 3rd night!)

Master Piece $5-600 on food ($1200 with alcohol) doing light appetizers (they charge for a minimum order of 30 regardless)
Smiths food store (get a cab to smiths and get food/alcohol in one shot) approx $600 food/drink (party platters, beer, wine, soft drinks only)

Which hotels turn a blind eye or don't care you bring outside caters or have a history or letting it slide when it comes to outside caterers? also which hotel have least issues with security and guest? (last thing i need is to inconvenience someone who has to run back/forth to get my guest)

After Vegas we plan on flying out to Hawaii and can get direct flights with allegiant air and we have enough points to stay in Hawaii for 6 nights

My friend is doing hair and make up. Also looking at afternoon wedding (between 2-4pm)

Total cost is approx $4000-5000 MAX (including the ALL the above, airfares, 3 nights vegas, 6 nights hawaii and transfers) and rings (budget $200 on our rings)

Any thoughts and ideas would be great, thank you

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    Take a look at and for more info on Suites. The popular ones seem to be the Wraparound Terrace at Cosmo and the Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay.
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    missholly18missholly18 member
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    Congratulations! I've never stayed in any suite on the strip but I can say Cosmopolitan is one of my favorite hotels on the strip.  It has Secret Pizza and The chandelier bar - you can go wrong with that combo.  

    Another thing to note is Allegiant Air is a budget airline so you have to pay extra for bags, seat assignments, drinks on the plane etc.  They nickle and dime you all the way.  Good luck with planning!
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    Thank you for your time
    Appreciate it
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    This is great!
    I aggree This is why we plan on getting married on night 3...because day 4/the next day well check out and head off to hawaii.
    I will ban people from coming to the room, only allowed in/to visit on the day of the wedding and not before and then well tip the cleaners well to clean up
    I looked at apex but they quoted silly money
    Can i ask how much your paying for the Apex Suite? did you book this for one night? i assume you will have time to check-in, prepare the room and head over there for a party?
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    We didn't book it yet, we just looked at the price online. I think it was about $900, but it was the biggest and people were saying that they had no problem having a wedding there, plus it has a pool table and a sound system. We are looking at all options right now because we still don't know how many people we are going to have. I'm really hoping we can get a private room at the wicked spoon, because we love it there, and it will be much easier than worrying about catering. We've got ideas for what we want, but we haven't solidified anything yet. I love your list. You are so organized. I'm probably going to add to my list a second short dress because I know I won't want to run around the strip in a long dress afterwards. That's a recipe for disaster for a clumsy person.
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    Thats great
    I called few weeks ago hotels and got approx prices for Fri (sun-thur its almost half these prices)!
    Hotel 32 $650 / Penthouse loft (has a pool table)
    Golden Nuggett $579 Spa Suit
    Tropicana Pool Villa $550 (floor level your room leads into the garden area)
    Mandalay Bay Vista/Media Suite $575
    MGM Sky Loft $1200
    Planet Hollywood Apex Suite $910
    Hard Rock Tree Bark $700-1400 (pending season & if events in town)
    Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Suite $400 (narrow balcony)
    These are approx prices for may/september next year (simular season) we fly out in 3 weeks to see 4-6 properties....

    Also when we get there were going to look into pre-owned rings, zales jewllery, pawn shops on
    freemont street, check out smater vegas for great discounts....thats where we booked out trip in 3 weeks time $894 4 nights for 2 people and direct flights on southwest!

    My picks are: Golden Nuggett, MGM, Cosmopolitan

    P.s i also looked into "renting dress/tux" they were ugly and they wre more than a brand new dress!

    Also insure that whever you pick they allow you to take pictures! as thats a deal break for me, some of these hotels like hard rock said they could not "gaurantee your room untill 3 months before your arrival" and if they had a group/celeb you would be be given 2nd priority and they would move you to another room and charge you accordingly! thats also a deal break (thats what i was told)

    Let me know if you have any questions, i have an excell sheet on prices, info on hotels lol :)
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    Oh that's good to know about the group/celeb thing. I was not aware of this so I will be certain to ask about this. 
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    We were afraid that the Cosmo wrap around suite would be too small.  I think they say that it will hold 40 people, but we want to be able to spread out a little.  We've stayed in the Cosmo one bedroom terrace suite before (and probably will again) and loved it.  It's just about room and the ease of getting outside vendors in.  I think that's something that the Cosmo frowns upon, but you may be able to sneak stuff up.  We have a wine vendor in our town that will likely give us a good deal, so we want to get that shipped down too.
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    Those are some great sites!  Thanks!
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    Sorry to hijack but gas anyone got any experience with the mirage villas? I want to book one for my wedding and reception in sept next year but apparently you can't book until 6 months before, and only then can I get a price for the wedding ceremony... I love the look of it, but it's a gamble and being from the uk and having around 40 people come with me I need to plan a little more in advance!! Thanks for your help!!
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    Hi, Just seen your message Knottie4290264

    We are going to vegas in a few weeks - we are not looking at the mirage but while im out there i could see if anyone has any comments on the mirage....

    Personally i am in the same boat, im british now living in fl, my family will need time to save, time of work, fly over etc....if i were you i would only look at properties that can gaurantee me a room for the dates i want and the room i want,,,,IN VEGAS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE....also as a rule of thumb you could call them and see how much the room goes for this year i.e if wedding is sept 3 and falls on a friday 2015 ask them how much it cost this year and then you can get an idea of how much it cost at a minimum and then slap on few extra $$ for 2015 inflation, also you could also search youtube and if you have an account look at people whom have posted videos on the mirage villas and then send them a message asking about if they think it would be suitable for a wedding etc etc....hope this all helps

    Personally i like the following suites and these are one we will go to see:

    Cosmopolitan: Wrap Around

    MGM Skyline: Terrace Suite / Sky Villa

    Mandalay Bay: Media/Vista Suite/Hospitality

    M Resort: Flat Suite / Loft Suite

    The Palms:  2 Story Sky Villa/Fantasy Penthouse/G Suite 

    Also after numerous feedback on here and other places i have found these are vest for me:

    Were using wedding waggon to marry us on hotel grounds

    Were using one of the above suites i just mentioned

    were having a buffett at either palsm or m resort, if were not staying there ill use presidential limos to transport us: $20-40 per person for a buffett incl alcohol! also we have buy 1 get 1 free buffett tickets for palms and m resort (u get it locally) and then were continuing the party in our room for drinks and cake cutting (as im not able for guest to trash my room etc) the buffets also include seafood on sat/fri...were buying our alcohol from smiths or walmart for our room party and our cake from retro bakery....plan on either a may or september wedding/tba,,,,

    i called mirage and asked for approx prices and they said there hospitality suites go for around $600ish a night...also check this out

    Best Hotel Suites in Las Vegas

    I understand your abroad so let me know if i can help you, i dont mind making 1 or 2 phone calls for you and then can message the response here.....


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    I just came across this recently and maybe it will help you
    i contacted this lady on youtube and she gave me this link, hope it helps

    Best Suites in Vegas:
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    The Mirage is a top choice and goes around $3500 a night! ..

    A top ‘grand’ favourite amongst the best Vegas suites is the Mirage Villa which, as the name suggests, is more than ‘just a suite’ (if one can even say that, since all ‘grand’ Vegas suites are simply fantastic). The 3,500 square feet Mirage Villa is a little special: for around 3,500 dollars a night you’ll enjoy 3 bedrooms, a gas fireplace for the romantically-inclined, a ‘cooling’ mist system and, as ‘pieces de resistance’, your own private lap pool and golfing area!

    Mirage Reception Packages:
    Mirage Ceremony Packages:
    $1500 for volcano nuptials
    $1900 happy ever after nuptials
    $1700 romantic packages
    $2400 unforgetable ceremony


    These prices will change but this is what it will cost at very least the links in these emails will show you what you get for your money, whats included etc etc
    Take care
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    We just booked the Aria panoramic sky suite.  We got it for $518/night, which I think is a really good deal.  The price online is about $650 I think, but we went through the person that we booked our block of rooms with. 
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    Thats a fantastic Deal on the Aria Sky Suit
    Wow - ill check it out
    Thank you
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    Make sure you ask for the panoramic 1 bedroom. It's more open than the regular 2 bedroom sky suite.
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    Thank you - will do

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    @aggiespartan Are you doing an in-suite reception in the Aria panoramic suite? Our wedding will be at the Aria in May 2015 and I would like to hold an in-suite reception. Let me know how it works out please!
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    We booked a panoramic 1 bedroom sky suite for December.  We are thinking we will have about 20 people and that there will be more than enough room.
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    Love all of this info! Thanks Knotties! I wish I could do something like this, budget and guest list would not allow it. We are at 50 now! Sheesh! People love Vegas.
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    Love all of this info! Thanks Knotties! I wish I could do something like this, budget and guest list would not allow it. We are at 50 now! Sheesh! People love Vegas.
    We went from 45 to 100 in a split second.  Yikes.  Maybe some of them will decide that Vegas sucks two months before the wedding?
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