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I do have the best UPS delivery person.

I heard my dog barking her fool head off.  The UPS guy was across the street delivering a package.

He finished then walked across the street to where the dog was barking (and doing her full body 'I like you" wiggle), gave her a biscuit, walked back across the busy street to his truck and drove off.

(he's also smart.  I'd keep on the right side of all the dogs if I were a delivery driver too :)

Re: I do have the best UPS delivery person.

  • Aw!  That's too sweet!  Your puppy made a friend today!

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  • My dad is a mailman and he carries dog treats and mace, to use respectively. Good on you for having a controlled dog. I never feel bad for people who don't train their dogs or at least keep them inside and they get aggressive at my dad and he maces the dog and stops delivering the mail to their house.

    It sucks that the dog has to get hurt but I prefer all dogs getting hurt to my dad getting mauled. Or any mailman, for that matter!!!!

    Always be good to your mailman. I always am courteous with my mailmen/delivery men and I notice a MUCH better service.
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  • I'd be pissed if someone was feeding my dogs treats without asking me first. Our bullmastiff has some pretty severe food allergies and is on a restricted diet. That said, our dogs are never in a position to have someone feed them treats or attack people approaching the house, so it's sort-of a moot point.
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    he actually asked before he gave them to her the first time--and now knows he has carte blanche to give them out. (and she's only outside if we're home--if we're not home, he leaves the package on the porch with a milk bone on top of it for her. We know if he's been there because the dog will be dying to get outside to get to the front porch)
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