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  • It is a gorgeous cemetery.  BUT it's still a cemetery.
  • was a PPD!
  • There's a funeral home home here (community life center, *smh*) that does weddings. It's a nice cemetery, but really...who wants to think about the fact that their reception venue also hosts dead bodies (and there are probably some in the basement as you're partying away). 

  • IDK, this doesn't really bother me.  Cemeteries are such a waste of space and it seems an interesting way to honor the dead.

    Her hat is fascinating and sent me looking for traditional weddings of that country.  Found some really pretty pictures.
  • I'm going to chalk this up to differing cultural neuroses pertaining to death rituals and how the concept of death and afterlife is rationalized out.

    Not every culture believes the dead are entities to be avoided or creepy. Plenty do, avoid the body, avoid even the mention, they are gone anything else is associating with rotting meat. Others, it's not much different than having a family reunion, only with spirit entities and not physical bodies. Dia de Los Muertos is a pretty strong example of this. Or the spirit is gone, but the body is still maintained. Obsessively maintained.

    Gotta say, death rituals and metaphysical concepts specific to cultures are some of the most intensely fascinating reflections on cultural assumptions of the living, plus just overall hygiene practices.
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  • i want to touch that hat so bad.
  • I don't even mind the cemetery thing. But her dress, her hat, his mail order bride... too much.
  • Well, her dress and hat are the traditional dressings of a bride from her country.  I see why she would to wear that.   And they were grad students together, so it's not a "mail order bride" situation.

  • If you just pretend his aunt Helena was his wedding coordinator, this allllll makes sense.
  • tawillers said:
    If you just pretend his aunt Helena was his wedding coordinator, this allllll makes sense.
    Thats what I thought too!
  • Awww, who says romance is dead *rimshot*.

    But really, what is up with that hat?
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  • What the....I mean...just...what?

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  • The Schrutes have their own traditions. We usually marry standing in our own graves. Makes the funerals very romantic. But the weddings are a bleak affair.

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  • Also, I wish our culture was cool enough to have tradtional giant hats. I always wanted to go to tibet.
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    I do wish we reclaimed cemetaries more.  Less "never speak of the dead", more "death is a part of life and we celebrate people we miss".
    And we do need better hats.  ones like you see stoners wearing at concerts, except, not by stoners and not at concerts.
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