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So *the house*...

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It came off the market today because the listing expired. Also, DH heard from a co-worker, who's parents looked at the house, that we would be part of the neighborhood that it backs up to and subject to their rules. We've been dealing with an HOA for-ev-er, so we were all sorts of 'hell no!' and also worried because it was no longer listed. 

Welp, my mom called the sellers agent and they conferenced in the seller. (The seller is the developer of the neighbhorhood that is behind the house)...and we would not be in the HOA, we would just need to run any land improvements by them. AND, the house was pulled off the market because it's been up for a year with no offers and they were going to update the kitchen. BUT they'll let us write an offer on it. :D 

We're going to see it again this weekend and then probably get the ball rolling.

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