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- While the kids were at my parent's there were some guys working on the deck.  One of them didn't wear a shirt.  He was tanned and muscular and had a shoulder tattoo.  6let has been walking around without a shirt flexing in the mirror.  He even had my mom put a temp. tattoo on his chest.

- Max cries and yells no if I sing to him, but if I burp he laughs hysterically.

- BIL got a 2014 Camaro for his bday.  He and SIL posted a bunch of pics.  Not an hour ago SIL posted a rant about "they aren't showing off they are showing their hard work." 

Re: Funnies

  • 6let cracks me up!
    Max is a man's man.
    Is this the BIL and SIL who were expecting FIL to give them his house?
  • Wow...SIL is a speshul snowflake, isn't she?

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    Same ILs.  They really didn't post many photos (under 10) and it wasn't any more showing off than anyone else.  I just think it's funny that they always seem to have to tell people how hard they work and how much they deserve.  I don't know anyone that wouldn't be happy for me and I certainly wouldn't care enough to rant about it.
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