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To help keep our #s down (for financial reasons and venue restrictions) we have decided to only invite our families out to 1st cousins. So, our first cousins are invited, but not their children. However, my first cousins (invited) on one side of my family are the same age as my 1st cousins' kids (second cousins? first cousins once removed? i never understood that stuff. anyways, they're not invited) on the other side. We made the cutoff to simplify things, but I worry my first cousins will wonder why their kids are not invited, when there are other similarly aged children there. 


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    how many more people are you looking at if you invite your first cousins to bring their children/spouse/SO?

    what exactly do you need help with? The only question I see is understanding the relationship between your first cousins' children and you. (It's second cousins.)

    it looks like you're just asking for validation of your decision to cut off the guest list. i think it has the potential to cause hurt feelings and drama, but if you're willing to accept and deal with it, then it's obviously your choice (as a couple) to make. 

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