Nigerian food/DJ/MC needed!! Help please

My husband is Nigerian and we are hoping to have a traditional Nigerian wedding. The only problem is that we dont know any Nigerian caterers or DJ's in the Milwaukee area and are having trouble finding one. Does anyone have any contacts?? 

Re: Nigerian food/DJ/MC needed!! Help please

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    We were looking for an Ethiopian choir so we started by networking at one of the local Ethiopian restaurants.  I don't know of any Nigerian restaurants here or even West African...
    You might need to start googling in Chicago. You could also look for Nigerian churches in Chicago-- the community may be pretty close and know people to recommend to you.

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    Try Skyline Catering - Ernie owns the business.  He is a custom caterer and may be able to help you out with the food aspect of things.  It's worth a shot.  :)  Good luck.
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    When's your wedding? I know a Nigerian DJ in Maryland that travels and he's really good
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      There is a Culture Board that you can chat with other brides. I think you should try there first.
      Also, how about getting the fiance involved with this. I mean, how about his family cater the food, you guys be the d.j. (it's easy), and someone from is family should be the MC. I think if you do this all by yourself you can easily save money.
      My cousins have done these three and they saved a bundle of money.

    Good Luck!
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    The wedding is March 12, 2011. That would be wonderful if your friend could help!!!
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