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    I have anxiety and also have an intense fear of flying. Xanax works well for me. Sometimes even the thought that I have xanax just in case helps to stave off anxiety.

    I am determined to not let my fear of flying impact my travel plans, so I have a flying routine that I stick closely to. I get to the airport super early (I leave before my boyfriend. I need to be alone to decompress for a bit) and time when I need to take my anti-anxiety meds. I eat at the airport and generally try to make it as calm and enjoyable of a process as possible. I give myself little treats like trashy magazines and food I would normally not eat (chips, lol). With the meds and my relaxation techniques, I can get to a point where even turbulence and taking off are totally fine. Also flying more frequently really helps. The anticipation is usually a lot worse than the actual event. Good luck!!

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