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January 2015 Weddings

1.17.15.....and I just started planning

Re: 1.17.15.....and I just started planning

  • Not if you get all your venues and vendors (or at least the major ones like the officiant, photographer, and DJ asap). You could manage. If you find great vendors, they tend to help and make suggestions that make planning a lot easier!
  • I should have the big stuff (venues, photographer, DJ) wrapped up tonight. Of course all my female attendants are in a fuss because six months doesn't give them time to lose weight :)
  • I feel you!!! 1/31/15 and I just started too! I just booked the venue yesterday and that was their only Saturday available in 2015! So we set our date and I already have my dress. We will have more than half of our guest list traveling from at least 5 hours away so I need to get save the dates out ASAP. I'll be asking my bridal party this week but a few of them already know, it's kind of unspoken that they'll be in my wedding party. It's about to get real!!
  • It's kind of fun when it gets real, isn't it? I go the date, venue, church, photographer, and DJ finalized...now it's on to the dress!

  • You totally can do it by then. I'm 1/31/15 bride too and have been planning since April, but got distracted by buying a house (and to be honest, being lazy enjoying the summer weather). Now I have 3 days until the 6 month mark to mail out our save the dates that have been sitting to be addressed for 2 weeks.

     We have the venue, caterer, photographer, DJ and my dress. I am a little overwhelmed as to what to do next.

  • @Emmy211 I've been using the Knot's checklist and trying to check one thing off at a time. Even if it's something simple like researching florists or making an appointment for your hair trial, you'll probably feel less overwhelmed if you can keep checking off a little bit here and there.  I feel you though - this entire process is overwhelming!
  • Thanks! I'm really glad ladies are starting to use this board :) Getting close!
  • Hi @emmy211! Great date :) Me too! I need to decide on our save the dates ASAP and get them ordered. How did you guys do yours? Did you order them from an invitation place/website? Order a template off of Etsy? DIY?

    Overwhelmed lol


  • Hmg1985, i got my save the dates from davidsbridal.com 
  • @hmg1985, I did postcards. I designed mine myself in Photoshop and Illustrator and got them printed at a local print shop. I just sent them out last week.

  • Our save the dates were done via vistaprint--I screwed it up and had to run 2 batches, but it still came out to be under $35 total, including shipping. 
  • Not crazy! It's totally possible! There was a lull in planning for a while, but now it's picking up. There are some things that I just can't do do until later anyway. I think I like a short planning period better--less time to think of more things to do.
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