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Office shower thank you etiquette

My coworkers just threw me a surprise bridal shower! They are the best!! Pizza, cake, card and everyone put in for a gift card. What is the correct etiquette for a thank you card in this situation? We are talking about 25 people. Do I send out individual thank you cards, put a group thank your card in the workroom or pass it around, send out a thank you email?  I just want to make sure I follow proper etiquette!

Thanks for your help!

Re: Office shower thank you etiquette

  • For 25 people I would write out individual thank you notes.

  • For my department shower (about 60 people), I wrote a thank you email to everyone and then I wrote a hand written thank you note and put it in the break room. I didn't know who contributed to the gift and who didn't.

    For the people who organized and actually threw the shower, I wrote them individual notes.

  • If you know everyone who contributed, write individual thank you notes.

  • Individual thank you notes for all gifts, even group gifts.  

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    If the "card" had money or a gift card in it, then I would write each person their own thank you. If the card was signed by everyone with no gift/money, then I would write a group card thanking them for the pizza and cake.
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  • Thanks everyone for your feedback, I am writing individual thank you cards to everyone who contributed, hope to have them done today!

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