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I am on a seriously tight dress budget. So when I found a dress I love, and I found it online for 1/2 of what the store wanted, exact dresss!  I ordered it! I was so excited. Now 10 days later the seller hasn't responded to ship the dress.  So bummed and worried I will not get my dress... 

Re: Dress Bummer

  • No, I bought it on tradesy. It's a really cool website actually. I sold items and my cousin has purchased wedding decorations from this site. It is from an individual who bought/wore the dress and is now selling it. I'm brave but not brave enough for a wedding dress from China. 
  • Did they say it was in stock?  I did something similar with my dress, but the lead time was a few months, comparable to what you'd see in a bridal shop.  10 days would have been miraculous.
  • The dress is pre-owned so I'm buying the dress from an individual. All she had to do was take the dress from the closet and mail it to me.
  • Have you had any communication from her at all?  It's entirely possible that she's shipped the dress, but forgotten to update her listing.  If things don't improve consider lodging a grievance with the website.  

    I completely understand your anxiety about this.  I hope this gets sorted out soon. 
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